New raid “Vault of incarnations”

Computer game World of War Craft widely known and popular circles gamers. Users who become members get a lot of positive emotions and an adrenaline rush.

During the game, each participant must go through the dungeon. Each level of this dungeon is filled with danger and adventure. At any moment, you can expect attacks from insidious bosses and other enemies. Participants must defeat everyone within the time set in each round, as well as collect the maximum number of trophies.

The player who completed the task is automatically transferred to the next level. Along with leveling up, players increase their rank and accumulate game attributes. Along with access to a new level, access to more modern weapons, equipment, and magical attributes opens up.

Participants will not immediately be able to cope with the challenges of some levels of the mysterious dungeon. In order not to spend a huge amount of time completing one level, you can use boosting.

What’s happened boosting

Concept boosting has several meanings. Most often, it means help in the game. Experienced players help beginners to pass difficult levels and achieve success. During the game, they go through the dungeon together, fight bosses. Beginners collect game attributes, get a new title.

It should be noted that boosting is a mutually beneficial cooperation. Participants who provide assistance to beginners are called boosters. They offer their services for a fee. It can be game gold or other valuable items for the further game.

Not so long ago in a computer game World of War Craft the first raid of the add-on became available “Incarnates Heroic».

Raid Features

Each player can buy heroic vault of the incarnates. Here he is waiting for 8 new, even more insidious bosses. They have modern, multi-level armor.

Feature heroic vault of the incarnates carry is also that the week before “mythology» All possible difficulties are activated at once. Here, players will need dexterity, experience, game achievements and modern weapons to defeat such rivals.

  1. In the normal version of the game, “normal” difficulty assumes a low level of protective armor. Serious players go through it in small groups in their free time. The bosses do not have such complex defenses and are easy to defeat.

In the raid Incarnates Heroic’ is a completely different situation. Here already in the very first raid there is protective equipment. During the first two weeks, players receive less significant items.

  1. Heroic difficulty also cannot be compared to that in the standard version.

The last boss of one of the guilds was killed only on the 12th attempt.

  1. Mythic difficulty in the raid differs from over difficulty.

 So far, only two bosses have been defeated here, even the third was beyond their strength.

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