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QR- Codes as bridge between offline and online marketing

The Quick Response (QR) codes have been around us for a while now. Almost everyone is familiar with these black and white boxes. The use of these boxes is very wide; brands use the codes for various tasks of the company. Anyone can create the QR code with a free dynamic QR code generator

The use of QR codes has increased a lot in the past few years, especially after the pandemic. These codes can be used without touching them, so people were using these codes without any fear due to the hands-free experience at the time of the pandemic. 

One can easily scan the QR codes with a mobile, and therefore, companies can target a large group of people through these codes as everyone has a mobile today. 

By using Quick Response codes, brands can track their marketing campaign, and if they think the results are not as per expectation, they can even make changes in their marketing campaign. Thus, these codes are also very useful and attractive marketing tools. 

The Quick Response codes may also help bridge the gap between online & offline marketing methods. In this content, we will tell you the major ways to use QR codes to bridge this gap. 

5 Ways to use QR codes to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing

  • QR codes in billboard advertisements

Using the codes on billboards can be the best way to bridge the gap between online & offline marketing. In order to attract the attention of passersby, the code can be placed at the center or side of the board.

Billboards are a type of offline marketing. So, when you use the QR codes on the billboards to direct people to your online channels, you bridge the gap between the two marketing styles.  

Many big brands like Clavin Klein have used this technique. Once the advertising campaign of this company was banned, so they put the big board with the code by scanning which they could watch the uncensored advertisement. 

You can even add the code to the billboard in such a way that it looks like a part of the advertisement. This creative way of using the codes may impress the people. 

  • QR code on products

You can also place the codes on the products. You can make use of a dynamic QR code generator to create the codes and later place them on the products. You can provide more details of the products to the customers through the codes. 

Many companies place QR codes on their products to give information about their product contents and other details of the products. Through this information, customers can be assured about the quality and ingredients of the products. 

  • QR codes as virtual stores

This is an innovative method of using the QR code. Tesco, a supermarket operator in South Korea, went one step further and used QR codes to set up virtual stores near train stations, where the hardworking populace has little time for grocery shopping. 

Here, you can add a virtual display of the products and add the codes on those products; when the person scans the code, those items get added to his/her cart. Later they can buy those products from their phone. It can save people’s time and make their shopping easy. 

  • QR codes on print ads

Here, you need to add your code on the print marketing materials like magazines, pamphlets, flyers, etc. By using the codes on the print materials, you can fulfil any purpose, whether directing customers to the website, increasing your app downloads, getting reviews, etc. 

Using the codes on the print marketing material seems impressive and allows you to bridge the online and offline marketing gap. Make sure that you use the best free QR code generator to design the code for using it in the print ads. 

  • QR codes on TV

The population watching television is very much high. So, you can attract a huge number of people by displaying your QR code on the television. For this, you need to display the code with the link of your website, social media page, app download, or any other page where you want to land the people. 

The majority of individuals multitask while watching television. Many individuals use their phones while watching television. As a result, they have their phones with them when watching television. As a result, the likelihood of people scanning the code increases.

You can create dynamic QR code with the help of online code generators. Later, you can use the code on the television to fulfil your purpose.


At last, we would say that the Quick Response code is a great tool to remove the gap between online and offline marketing methods. So, whether it is an offline ad or an online ad, people can connect to your brand and perform the desired action just by scanning the QR code. 

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