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The Contribution Of The British To The History Of The Development Of Gambling

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Gambling is one of the popular ways to pass the time and feel the adrenalin. The industry has passed through a long way of development. And today we can see it in its best and most advanced form. Diverse gambling games are accessible via the Internet, so punters can play from their smartphones or tablets, and even enjoy the pastime without leaving their houses.

The history of gambling is a very interesting issue. What are the key things, which influenced the formation of modern gambling? What is the British role in this process? In the article, we’ll observe all those peculiar issues.

The Issue Of Gambling

Gambling is a process when someone wagers something of a definite value on a certain event or outcome. The main aim is to win something else of value. There’re 3 issues to consider when it concerns betting:

  • A sum wagered
  • Possible chances of a win (or risks)
  • A reward.

The results of the majority of gambling games are instant. It concerns pokies, roulette, and even sports betting.

The issue of gambling is controversial due to various attitudes towards the industry across the world. There’re countries, where such businesses and even the activity are prohibited. At the same time, there’re many jurisdictions (and more of them keep appearing), where gambling (or gaming) is absolutely legal. Such countries have special control bodies responsible for the gambling industry in the country or state.

Gambling games include different types of options:

  • Slot machines
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Keno
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Lotteries
  • Sports betting
  • Craps, etc.

Now all these options (and even more) are accessible on the Internet.

Gambling History

This type of activity is concerned one of the oldest among all the existing people’s hobbies. The pieces of evidence of this fact were found in tombs and other places. There’re diverse writings concerning the activity along with special equipment. However, in the past, gambling was severely restricted, if not prohibited. It’s proved by the texts of books of the law of those times. Those who dared to break the law were sentenced to forced labor.

Speaking about purely European history, we can conclude that gambling has always been popular. It’s proved by a wide range of edicts, decrees, and laws, which restricted and banned the activity. The issue of organized and somehow controlled gambling appeared in the 15th century. The activity included lotteries. Later, in the 17th century, legal gaming clubs were established. During those times, mathematicians became very fond of gambling and used various tools (including playing cards and dice) for the activity. As a result, the probability theory was developed. As for sports betting, controlled and legal activity started in the 18th century. From that time, the attitude towards gambling became controversial. Some people considered it a sin or a vice, while others thought of it as a harmless way of entertainment.

With the development of Internet technologies, gambling became more accessible. By the start of the 21st century, about 80% percent of Western people gambled at least from time to time.

Gambling In Britain

Initially, gambling was allowed in the country. However, the act issued in 1541 almost banned it. Then, the related acts were issued from 1710 to 1744. They were more concentrated on financial security, illegal types of lotteries, and other variations of gambling games. The act of 1845 made all games based on skills legal to practice. At the same time, cheating was considered a crime.

The popularity of gambling clubs was growing despite a great number of restrictions, which were applied by the acts issued from 1853 to 1906. By 1928, a few betting options became legal and extremely popular. Thus, people in Britain started to bet on racing and football. The activity was officially taxed in accordance with the Pool Betting Duty issued in 1947.

A bit later, in 1960, private gaming facilities became legal. 34 years later, the National Lottery was established. In 2005, the act, which established the Gambling Commission (GC) was issued. The GC became accountable for the control of sorts of gambling. The commission obtained the right to give the authority for the casinos’ certification to local authorities. It touched both land-based and Internet gaming venues.

The UK online casinos for real money are one of the well-developed areas in the country right now. The industry is strictly controlled to provide the UK punters with the highest quality and safest gaming clubs. Such platforms are licensed by the UKGC.

Top Online Casino UK

Consider our list of the best and worthwhile gaming platforms licensed in the UK to enjoy your favorite table, cards, and free casino slot games for fun and for money:

Gaming platformYear of establishmentDescription
Genesis2018The gaming club additionally has operating permits from Curacao, MGA, and Spelinspektionen. There’re various types of options, top developers, and generous bounties presented. The latest include pleasant match bonuses and free spins (FSs). The smallest replenishment is just 10 USD.
Mr. Green2007It’s a reputable gambling house with extra licenses from MGA and Spelinspektionen. There’s a wide range of options provided by well-known developers. The min deposit is reasonable and totals just 10 EUR. The bounties are not huge but the platform offers both match bonuses and FSs to newcomers.
All British2013It’s a purely British gaming facility, which accepts only GBP as a currency. At the same time, payment tools are variable as well as categories of games. The platform offers games from top providers and has a small min replenishment of 10 GBP. As for the welcome offer, it’s modest and reaches just 100 GBP.
Spinit2016The operating permits are additionally given by MGA and Spelinspektionen. The min replenishment is 10 USD. The platform has attractive welcoming rewards and offers a generous match bonus along with FSs.
Mr. Play2017Like many other UK clubs, it’s additionally certified by MGA and Spelinspektionen. The first bounty isn’t great but the casino gives both match rewards and FSs. Several currencies are supported, including GBP. The smallest deposit is just 10 EUR.



Gambling is a very famous issue across the majority of European countries. Great Britain didn’t become an exception and made its own contribution to the development of the industry. Today, the industry is regulated by law and guarantees a wonderful and safe experience to punters. It’s only up to you to decide, which is the best online casino in the UK. Select one of the reputable gaming establishments certified by the UKGC and test the most advanced and high-quality products of the iGaming industry.



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