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The Coolest and Easiest Ways to Take Screenshots on Samsung Devices

Thanks to the recent breakthroughs in science and technology, the number of modern tech gadgets is growing. And all of these products come with many complex features. Surprisingly, even the simplest of features may prove to be challenging. Tech lovers have a hard time understanding them. As a proud owner of a Samsung device, you may be struggling with the “screenshots” feature which is why you’re here.You can record video for later use on Spectrum cable with a DVR. On smartphones, you can easily capture an image, or video, with the help of built-in features. This blog will guide you on how to take a screenshot on Samsung devices.

Via the Volume and Power Button

On newer models, you need to hold the power button and the lower volume button together to take a screenshot. On older models, simply press the power button and the top volume button at the same time. This is the easiest way to capture screenshots on Samsung devices. It also works fine on most Android devices.

On some previous smartphones from Samsung that came with the physical home button, there’s another way to capture screenshots. It’s quite simple and convenient. Simply hold down the physical home button and the “power off” button at the same time. And hoorah, the screenshot is ready! You can access it from the “Screenshots” folder in your gallery.

The Scroll Shot

Scroll capture is a very useful tool and many smartphone manufacturers are providing this feature in their products. The same goes true for Samsung. Whenever you take a screenshot, you’ll see a pop-up on the left side of the screen. This will allow you to take long screenshots. I find this feature very useful when reading articles. Obviously, you can’t read all of it on a single Chrome window.

In such a case, take the screenshot and press on the scroll shot when a dialogue box pop-ups on the left. Once you do, the phone will grab all the contents on the screen once you start scrolling down. The result will be a much larger screenshot that’ll contain the entire article.

The “Palm Swipe”

Many have complained that the “Palm Swipe” never really works for them. Did it happen with you too? Make sure this feature is enabled by going to advance settings. If it is enabled all you have to do is swipe your palm across the screen. This may take a few attempts and if you’re lucky, you’ll witness a miracle! Remember, you need good hand-eye coordination for this one so this may only work out for the athletic types. Those who are able to take a screenshot with this method in the very first attempt, be proud of your superhuman capabilities! You are among the very few who can claim that!

Bixby Voice

Well, there’s no doubt that Bixby Voice can be quite helpful in taking a screenshot. But imagine sitting in a hospital, with patients near you, and saying “Hey Bixby, take a screenshot”. I mean, whatever happened to the privacy of others! So it’s better to use Bixby while you’re at home or among your friends rather than in public. However, there may be a valid reason to use Bixby rather than the options above. In such cases, just say hello to your friendly assistant and give the command!

These are some of the easiest and coolest ways to take screenshots on Samsung devices. Make sure to use the feature purposefully without invading the privacy of others.

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