Types of Power of Attorney to Know About

Hard times never knock on the door before their arrival. They just come by. We don’t ever want to think of a time when our parents or we, ourselves, are in a position where we want someone to make decisions for us, on our behalf. But alas, the bitter reality of life is that it is an uncertain element and preparing for the bad times, beforehand, can be the smartest thing to do. 

Power of attorney is this one smart or rather wise decision that one takes in their life. It is a legal piece of paper that states power to an individual, who can act on your behalf, in case you are ill, mentally incapable or physically sick. This can be helpful during your old age too, when you are dependent on others. However, it is very important to choose a person you trust to nominate for the power of attorney in Australia

Types of Power of Attorney 

There are 4 basic categories of the power of attorney and all four of them serve a unique purpose. 

  • Durable Power of Attorney:

As the name suggests, this power of attorney is durable. In this, you can appoint an individual to take decisions and act on them, on your behalf when you are incapable to manage things on your own. But once you are okay, you can go back to managing your own chores etc. This is helpful in times of a mishap or accident. 

  • General Power of Attorney:

In general power of attorney, the entire arrangement is only terminated if the principal is debilitated or passes away. The agent can undertake any task, under this type of attorney. It includes financial matters and opening of accounts and taking personal finance decisions on the behalf of the principal. 

  • Limited Power of Attorney:

The powers are restricted to a certain area for the principal, in this type of attorney. For instance, the individual gives authority to the agent, to sell a specific property on their behalf, in certain circumstances. 

  • Springing Durable Power of Attorney:

This power of attorney only becomes applicable under specific events. It mostly goes into action when the principal becomes incapacitaed. 

It is important to have serious conversations about power of attorney with your loved ones, when you are healthy and fine. It helps you determine their wishes and the level of security they are looking for in life. 


It is always best to consult with a professional lawyer before choosing the type of power of attorney for yourself. Many times, it can be super confusing as to which one would be the right pick to make. However, with professional advice you can decide wisely.

In the end; is power of attorney important? Yes, it is. It might not be mandatory, but given the security it provides to you and your family; it is certainly a crucial legal procedure to pay attention to. moviesflixes


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