Wanderlust Jewelry

Wanderlust Jewelry: An Instagram Sensation

This is a time in human history where this fact evident to all realities that Instagram has an inherent power that has transformed many smaller business entities into sensations worldwide. Wanderlust Jewelry is an exemplary success story. He used Instagram as a business platform to launch his business start-up and soon enough his success went unbound. And this Instagram success story is just unparalleled. The step by step momentum of his success can be downloaded from his link using Instagram Video Downloader

  • Trustworthy Storytelling

What we know as Wanderlust Jewelry is a family-run business. They specialize in making accessories usually handy crafts. It was so fateful for them that they could consciously calculate the probable power of authentic storytelling on Instagram. It so happened that they shared the story of their brand on Instagram. Later, they shared what relentless passion they had for travelling, and then they shared the facts and realities about the artisans who were the brains and hands behind their products. This all allowed them to connect with their audience on a still deeper level. Their way was different and their way was unique and it made them look altogether different in the market which ultimately won them a very loyal family of followers. Followers won’t merely watch themselves but would save the branding stories with Story Saver and share for reflection and review again and to share with others, involuntary helping to take the impact to a still higher level.

  • Leveraging User-Generated Content

Incorporating the promotion techniques, Wanderlust Jewelry employed the user-generated content (UGC) as a tool. The company urged its customers to publicize their experiences with the company’s products in their use also branding them with the specific hashtags initiated by the company itself. This tool worked wonders. The instagram feeds witnessed endless exquisite visuals. This technique soon helped them earn credibility. It helped them expand their reach and this all ultimately established them as a trusted brand all around. 

  1. Alliances with Influencers

One help broaden the horizons further, this business, Wanderlust Jewelry partnered with influencers who worked in fashion and travel areas on social media. This matured into gaining alignment with their brand value. Wanderlust Jewelry utilized the power of influencer marketing to their advantage making them use their products and express their impressions to common audience on Instagram. No doubt, this strategy won them certain brand awareness. This helped drive traffic to their website, and also resulted in boosting their sales.

  1. Initiating Contests & Giveaways for Wider Engagement

They very smartly started a campaign on Instagram to engage the audience and to maximize their user participation on the platform. Their Instagram account became a very regular platform where they would encourage followers to like their feeds, comment on their product range and share their posts and in return of that they would offer prizes. The strategy helped a great deal. It increased their visibility, sky rocketed the engagement and gave a rapid stretch to their the count of their followers. 

In short, it was through the use of Instagram that Waderlust Jewelry could shift its gears and became a global sensation from that of a local entity.

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