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Watch Local TV Channels Without A Cable Subscription

Let us face it, cable or satellite TV is expensive. There is a price for the plan and on top; you have to pay equipment rentals, taxes, local surcharges, and other additional fees. Secondly, you sign-up for a plan at a discounted price, and later on, the price hikes up after the promotional term ends. Luckily, there are several different avenues to replace your cable or satellite TV service.

Cable TV, if it’s Spectrum TV, is great overall. You have an extensive variety of channels. The channel lineups are well taken care of and most importantly, you get all the local channels in your area. However, the downside is the price.

Fortunately, there are many other avenues to look for. Local TV channels are offered by many streaming services as well. In this article, we will mention all the ways you could employ to watch local channels in your area using just the internet. You will be needing high-speed internet with seamless connectivity!

Live TV Streaming

The ever-increasing price hikes of Cable TV have inspired streaming wars. Now, more and more channels have started to realize the importance of these streaming platforms. They are ensuring that their respective channels do not miss the opportunity to match this fast-paced world of technology. Several TV streaming services are offering local TV channels. Let us dissect them one by one:

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a popular choice for streaming local channels in 2022. With a fixed monthly fee, you can get access to more than 85 channels including broadcast and cable networks. The subscription does not require you to sign any contract. You do not even need a box. The channel lineup with YouTube TV is quite diverse. The lineup includes more sports channels than any other network.

Most importantly, YouTube TV offers DVR functionality. You can record as many shows as you like with no extra charges. The service is available on all devices including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.


Hulu can be a valuable addition to your streaming services. It has more than 43.8 million subscribers at the moment and looking to expand even beyond that. Hulu’s Live TV is a perfect alternative to cable TV. You get to access dozens of channels and the commercials are limited. You do not need any box to set up the service. It competes for head to head with all the popular streaming services. Hulu comes with a 50 hours cloud DVR service. Record as many shows as you like. It only requires high-speed internet, to begin with.

AT&T Now

AT&T has been in the entertainment business for ages now. The provider is known for its satellite TV and internet service. AT&T has also jumped into the streaming bandwagon with AT&T TV Now service formerly known as DirecTV Now. The plan offered is quite budget-friendly but offers fewer channels than the satellite TV service. The basic plan has more than 45 channels while the most advanced plan has over 60 channels including some Premium channels. You can easily stream your favorite shows without any hassle. This service also offers 500 hours of cloud DVR functionality. It is compatible with all modern-day devices.

Network Apps

If you don’t want to stream live TV, you can get the applications of all the popular channels you like. These channels have special applications for Android and Apple devices. You download these apps, pay a simple monthly fee, and get all the actions from your local channels. For example, channels such as ABC, CBC, NBC, PBS, and Fox Now have special apps designed for you to stream everything over high-speed internet.

Moreover, if you are interested in local stations, you can check out their social media pages for a live stream. Many of them offer live streams of their newscast without any charges.

How to watch local TV channels without the internet?

If you live in areas where high-speed internet is not available and your local satellite or cable provider charges you a great deal of money for local channels, you can still get something cheap. Just get an indoor TV antenna from any tech store. It will pick over the air channels from CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, and all other independent networks. It is a one-time investment and does not require any monthly fees.


With high-speed internet, you can watch all your favorite TV channels! Stream your favorite TV shows in HD without having to worry about monthly cable TV bills.


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