Watch the complete Netflix’s catalog with a VPN

Netflix has approximately 220.67 million paying subscribers worldwide as of Q2 2022. It represents a decrease of roughly 1 million subscribers compared to the previous quarter. Most Netflix subscribers are based in the United States and Canada, making up more than 73 million of Netflix’s worldwide subscriber base. Even after paying, Netflix subscribers do not have full access to all shows and series within the app.

Top IMDB-rated shows are not available on Netflix US.

Ricky Morty (9.2)

Rick and Morty – In this animated sci-fi series for adults, mad scientist Rick takes his grandson Morty on his sci-fi adventure, the craziest in the universe.

cowboy bebop (8.9)

COWBOY HIS BOBOP – As the crime rate continues to rise, a group of cowboys (bounty hunters) hunt down criminals and collect noggins to bring them back alive for hefty rewards. Cowboy Bebop is only available in Japan.

Fargo (8.9)

The series follows multiple deceptions, intrigues, and murders in and around frozen Minnesota. But mysteriously, they all return to Fargo, North Dakota. office (8.9)

The Office worker (8.9)

A hit comedy series depicts the struggles and lives of unfortunate office workers led by their delusional boss Michael Scott. Available in 11 countries

Only Fools and Horses (8.8)

Only Fools and Horses – This comedy follows his trio (conspirator Derek, brother Rodney, and goofy grandfather) on a journey away from the mundane working-class lifestyle. Available in the UK only.

Boat (8.8)

Das Boot – The Boat tells the story of the crew of a submarine used by the Germans in World War II. The struggle for survival involves numerous claustrophobic confinements and endless attacks by enemy ships. Available in the UK only.

Friends (8.8)

Friends – Probably the most popular sitcom in the world, Friends follows her six friends’ daily lives and crazy adventures in New York City. You may need a VPN to stream “Friends” videos on Netflix US.

Twin Peaks (8.8)

Twin Peaks – In 2017, the show celebrated its comeback after a 25-year gap. In the new season, Dale Cooper returns to the mysterious town of Twin Peaks, where Laura Palmer’s shocking murder took place.

Philadelphia is always sunny (8.7)

This comedy show follows five narcissists in Philadelphia who own a bar and always find themselves in ridiculous situations.

pitcher; gate (8.7)

Pitcher; Gate – After discovering time travel, a college student and his colleagues must use their newfound knowledge to thwart the evil machinations of an evil organization.

Perks of using a VPN for Netflix.

A VPN to access Netflix hides your region and allows you to watch only TV shows and movies available globally. You cannot change your account country unless you move to a new country. If you recently moved, see Travel or Move on Netflix.

Unblock all Netflix regions with a VPN

The safest way to change the Netflix region is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which tunnels your internet traffic through an intermediate server located in the country of your choice. You can disguise your location by masking your actual IP address and replacing it with an IP address from different countries.

If a title isn’t available on Netflix, it could be for several reasons, including that it hasn’t been released in your country yet. Title rights are not available or not available in your region. Using a streaming VPN allows you to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix worldwide.

Protect your streaming wherever you go

No matter what country you are streaming from, you want to stream safely and privately. Getting Surfshark VPN provides you with enhanced security and many other benefits. Surfshark does not recommend using a VPN for streaming, which may violate the service provider’s terms.

American viewers are pretty good at streaming options, but the abundance of flowing provider choices means he has to stick to one Netflix subscription to get the best content.

The streaming giant still has plenty to choose from, but other streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max have cleared many of our favorite titles for distribution in the US.

So, what should the TV fanatic do? Unless he’s looking to double or triple his monthly streaming service costs for a handful of exclusives, the easiest way is with Netflix. That’s it.

Understanding which service is the best VPN for you and how to use it might sound complicated, but the process is easy peasy.

For example, doing so effectively moves you to the UK, and you can trick Netflix into showing you content specific to that region. However, doing so is against Netflix’s Terms of Service and technically risks having your account suspended, but the terms are vague, and I’ve never heard of this happening in the wild.

If you’re willing to take that small risk, get a quality VPN like NordVPN and start accessing all the top shows that Netflix doesn’t allow.

Launching a new streaming service every week to watch new content is very difficult. It feels even more irritating when you realize that you have shunned some shows because of your region’s restrictions.


Surfshark is a recommended VPN that offers the best facilities and cheap packages. According to stats, Netflix in the US owns over 5,870 movies and series, and in Canada, it catalogs 4,043 movies.

NordVPN is our top recommendation for accessing exclusive Netflix content outside the US (opens in a new tab). With incredible speeds, unmatched location spoofing performance, and an easy-to-use app, it’s perfect for watching Netflix anywhere. The service is risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Unfortunately, no free VPN for Netflix works for streaming, so you have to get a paid one.

To access all the shows and series on Netflix, you must sign up for a reliable VPN. Then select any server you want to access. Now you’ll be able to access Netflix’s catalog of that specific server instead of your own US server. Similarly, you may choose any available servers to access any shows/movies available in different regions.

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