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What are the Different Stages of Metal Detecting Finds?

Metal detecting is one of the most interesting activities because you can find extraordinary and worthwhile objects under the ground. Although not all the time you can find something unique, the whole process of metal detecting finds will give you thrills.

9 Stages of Metal Detecting Finds

Do you want to start this interesting activity and don’t know where to begin, what equipment to buy, how to prepare for the whole process, and what permits you will be needing? Keep reading this article, and you will know the nine stages of metal detecting.

What is Your Metal Detecting Goal?

First of all, you have to determine the goals you have set. Some people adopt this activity as a hobby, and others want to make it their profession. It might also happen that an individual initially starts metal detection as a hobby, but gradually it becomes their profession. If this is the case, you have to buy and upgrade the devices accordingly.

Research on What Equipment Will Suit

When you are researching the equipment needed for metal detection; you have to consider some factors that will help you select the right device. These include the type of material you want to hunt, how the weather will be, and the geography of the location.

Find the Right Metal Detector Store

You can find many metal detector stores on the internet. But you must find the right company, and you can do so by looking into the products they are selling. The company should have the device you decided on by considering the factors mentioned in the above point. You can also read the reviews and comments of the people who bought the metal detectors from that company. This will give you an idea about the quality of equipment they are selling.

Buying the Most Suitable Device and Accessories

It has been mentioned in the first point that people either take up metal detecting as a hobby or as a profession. The selection of the equipment and the accessories have to be done accordingly. If metal detection is your hobby, you can buy an all-purpose device. But the professionals will be searching for materials like precious metals in specific locations, including underwater, forests, beach, and public places. These people have to visit stores like Teknetics Direct to know about deep seeking equipment.

Pack Device According to the Location

There are various locations where you could find objects under the ground, including the beach, underwater, forests, playgrounds, and sometimes public and private properties. You have to pack equipment according to the locations mentioned.

Research Historical Background of the Location

People often claim that there are precious objects like antique coins, bullets used in the Civil War, and artifacts from various eras buried in their property. On certain occasions, these claims have come to be true, but it does not happen all the time. So, you must research the historical background of the land to know if the claim of finding something precious and antique is true.

Go for a Test Run

It is good to test the equipment you have purchased to know if it will serve your purpose. Ask a friend to bury random objects in the ground and use the device in the area.

Using the Device in the Right Way

There is a specific way to use the metal detector. When walking with the device in your hand, remember to keep it approximately two feet away from your body. Sweep the metal detector from right to left and in a semi-circle motion.  

Carefully Removing the Object

The device will beep loudly if the object is near to the surface. But the signals will be weak if the items are buried deeper underground. So, for this situation, the use of headphones is recommended. You have to be careful when removing the metal detecting finds. Mark the area and carefully remove the object by digging around; so that you don’t damage the item in the process.

These are the vital stages you should take to use a metal detector correctly, whether you take up metal detection as a hobby or a profession.

Here are three questions that will provide further insight into using a metal detector.

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep can a metal detector detect?

The normal range of an average metal detector is between four and eight inches deep. If you consider a mid-range device for metal detecting finds, it can detect up to eighteen inches deep. The specialized metal detectors can reach as deep as sixty-five inches into the ground.

Do you need permission to use a metal detector?

Yes, permission is needed from the landowner to use the metal detector on private land. If you fail to do so, you are trespassing and can have a heavy penalty.

What metals cannot be detected by a metal detector?

Stainless steel is one metal that is difficult to be detected because they have poor electric conductivity. The magnetic permeability is low, making it difficult for the metal detector to receive signals.

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