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What does a green wavy line indicate when using the spelling & grammar checker in ms word?

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This is a green line, indicating that there are words you can add to make your sentence more clear. It’s like a little note from the spell checker saying “Hey, you could add another word here!” The green line will be under the word or phrase it thinks you should add.

You can either ignore the green line, or add the suggested word or phrase. You can do this by pressing enter after typing in the suggested word or phrase, or you can use ctrl+enter to automatically add it for you.

About spelling & grammar checker in ms word

In Microsoft Word, you can use the spelling and grammar checker to find and correct errors in your writing. The spelling and grammar checker is on by default when you start a new document. Before you begin writing, we recommend that you turn off the spelling and grammar checker so that it does not flag words that are correctly spelled but otherwise uncorrected. You can turn off the spelling and grammar checker in the Review tab under Proofing.

When you start a new document, the Spelling & Grammar dialog box opens automatically when you enter text into your document. You can also open this dialog box manually by clicking the Spelling & Grammar button on the Review tab.

If there is an error in your document, a red line appears under what is wrong. When there are multiple spelling or grammatical errors in one sentence or paragraph, they are marked with yellow lines instead of red ones.

Why use a spelling and grammar checker?

-It’s not just about spelling. The spelling and https://grammarchecker.com also checks for grammatical errors and style consistency.

-The spell checker is built into MS Word, so you don’t have to download anything extra.

-It’s fast! It can check your document for errors in less than two seconds.

-The error list is easy to use—you can select any mistakes to correct them, or show all at once by clicking “Show All”.


The spelling and grammar checker in MS Word is a great tool for any writer who wants to make sure their work is as grammatically correct and well-written as possible. It has a ton of features to help you check your writing, including:

-A thesaurus

-Answered questions about commonly used words and phrases

-A dictionary that gives you information about words you don’t know (such as their pronunciations or definitions)

-A grammar checker that looks for problems like run-on sentences and wordy paragraphs

– Check for spelling errors

– Check for grammar mistakes (like subject-verb agreement)

– Find words that are spelled correctly but used incorrectly (e.g., “there” instead of “their”)

– Find homonyms that sound alike but have different meanings (e.g., “lead” vs “led”)


The spelling and grammar checker in MS Word is a great tool for writing. It can help you find mistakes, and it can also help you learn how to use words correctly.

The spelling and grammar checker has several advantages. The first is that it can catch your mistakes. If you make a mistake while writing, the checker will point it out to you so that you can fix it before sending your email or document off to someone else.

The second advantage of the spell checker is that it will help you learn how to use words correctly. If you make a mistake that does not make sense, then the spell checker will tell you what word should be used instead. This will help prevent future mistakes from happening because now when something doesn’t seem right or makes no sense at all then we’ll know which word should be used instead! It can even suggest synonyms for words that are spelled correctly but are not commonly used in English (such as “dessert” instead of “pudding”).

It is especially useful for those who are not native English speakers or are not familiar with the language. It can help you to avoid making grammatical mistakes in your writing, which may make your work look unprofessional. It can also help you to improve your writing skills by showing you where you have made mistakes, so that you can learn from them and try to fix them in the future.


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