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What Should Be Done In Case A Flash Flood Emergency Occurs?

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 Flash flooding might be caused due to extremely heavy rainfall and thundering. It is not only hazardous for your property but can also be a danger to human lives. This is why it is extremely important to take wise steps and deal with flash flood emergency without panicking. Here are some things to do for staying safe during flash floods. 

  • Make a safety plan for you and your loved ones-

The first thing to do during any emergency is to make a safety plan for yourself, your family and your loved ones. You should make this plan for at least 72 hours, and also make safety provisions for your pets if you have any. 

  • Approach your insurance provider-

Check with your insurance provider who has covered flood damage in your insurance policy. You can also contact insurance adjuster companies to get the maximum claim settlement.  

  •  Make sure that fuel tanks are secured- 

Floating fuel and oil tanks might cause massive fires during floods and add to the difficulties and dangers for you and your peers. So, make sure that you have secured your underground fuel tanks appropriately.

  • Shift on the upper floors of your house- 

Remember that even 6 inches of running water might pull you downstream. So, to stay away from running flood water, you can gather all your family members and dear ones and shift to the upper floor of your house. You can also carry some food and clothing essentials so that you can use them till the floods recede and your property is safe to enter. 

  • Keep listening to the forecast and instructions-

In times of flood emergency, forecasts and instructions from governing agencies might be a lot helpful. You can carry a battery-operated radio so that you can keep getting forecast updates and instructions about floods. 

  • Stay alert by listening to thunder sounds- 

Loud winds and roaring thunder are signs that things might get worse. Hear to these sounds carefully and start heading to the upper floors if these sounds get louder.  

  • Watch if flood water is rising rapidly-

If you spot streams of water that are usually dry but have rushing water now then this can be a sign that a flood emergency services might be on its way. You can start making provisions for the safety of yourself and your family.

  • Switch off electricity-

Water and electricity is certainly a bad combination. So, to avoid electric shocks, you need to switch off the electricity plugs. You can carry battery operated lights with you on the higher flood.

  • Avoid stepping in running water-

Floodwaters might be contaminated and might also contain automobile fuel, waste, or a few hazardous materials. Running water might also sweep you off of your feet. So, you should never try to step in or cross the running flood water.  

  • Do not drive through floodwaters-

Flood water can make vehicles float. Although it is hard to believe, even huge trucks and aircraft carriers can also float in case of extreme flash floods. So, for your safety, avoid taking your vehicles in running flood water.  

 Stay aware and keep taking flood updates-

You can keep checking the flood maps to check if your home or office is located in a floodplain or is at risk of extreme flash flooding. You can look for more such resources which can help you in staying aware during flash floods. 

  • Approach local authorities-

If you see flood issues escalating, then you can connect with local authorities or emergency services for evacuation. They can take prompt steps and make sure that you and your family, neighbours and loved ones are safely evacuated from the danger zone and shifted to a haven until floods recede. 

 What to do after flash floods

 Although foods recede after a certain time, still the aftermath of flooding can be a lot stressful. Your property which has suffered from flood damage needs to be back to its prior shape, your furniture needs to be restored and your valuables need to be saved from further damage. Also, you need to safeguard your property from an unwanted hazard of mould, mildew and pest infestation. Restoring your property and bringing your life back to normal is not an easy job. You might need a helping hand that can help you in rising from this disaster.

 At water extraction Adelaide, we provide flash flood emergency services to help you in dealing with this disaster by keeping you safe and also by restoring your property and valuables from flood damage. Plus we coordinate with your insurance providers and ensure that you get due compensation for your loss. 

So, connect with us now and we will be there for helping you through the flash flood emergency.

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