Why Do Pittsburgh Businesses Need Drone Photography Services?

 Pittsburgh is never behind when it comes to burgeoning industries and lively markets. With Pittsburgh being home to several Fortune 500 companies and exciting startups in various sectors like energy and advanced manufacturing, it’s no surprise that businesses are exploring innovative marketing techniques to get ahead.

Drone photography is one of these approaches that promises a fair number of benefits.

Aerial photography services bring to the table the potential to hold audiences in their seats as brands recreate their vision for the year in 4K. So to save money and time, it’s only logical for businesses to begin their journey into this exciting new field with professional drone photography services in Pittsburgh.

Create Powerful Aerial Shots

Aerial photography used to be limited to super-expensive productions. In the eighties and nineties, you needed thousands of dollars and a helicopter to get things done. If a helicopter was out of the question, professional photographers had to get creative – and these ‘hacks’ often came with a higher risk for injury.

A century ago, high-altitude photography revolutionized our perception and understanding of landscapes. Today, aerial shots are used for everything from secret spy missions to geographic exploration, and of course – bleeding-edge marketing.

Aerial photography quickly became a necessary tool in several industries and has since made significant contributions to advancing commercial, geographic, and archeological pursuits. Inevitably, aerial photography’s creative potential attracted artists as well.

Artists recognized that the incomparable aerial view of landscapes fundamentally altered how we see and experience space. Aerial shots revealed stunning patterns and forms that are invisible from the ground. Moreover, aerial photos provided a new perspective of familiar spaces and objects.

While digital technology altered how photographic productions are completed, new technologies and subsequent innovations in automatic remote sensing enabled the widespread democratization of access to the space above us all.

Create Visions of Serenity and Relaxation

Drone photography is precious to Pittsburgh businesses in the hospitality and recreation industries, necessitating drone photography services in Pittsburgh.

How do you create a compelling vision of a hotel, resort, or even a small cabin for rent near the woods? You use the magic of drone photography to provide an exciting perspective that gets all the customers’ pistons firing.

Drones with advanced CMOS and 4K recording capabilities can record the location’s most exciting and scenic areas. As a result, commercial advertising via drones has been a game-changer for tourism. Tourist-oriented businesses can use drones to capture images and videos of their most scenic locations to attract visitors. For instance, if a well-known hiking trail leads to the summit of a mountain, a company may use a drone to film it, concluding with a shot of the view that trekkers will get at the summit.

Drones can also showcase the area’s other amenities. For example, luxury photographers have been using drone photography in their initiatives to capture wide and rich landscape shots.

Drone photography is the most popular to capture views across mountain ranges and oceans, too, which means any business can easily highlight the natural beauty of these locations to entice the audience.

As with the tourism industry, hotels in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can also promote their branches using drone photography and drone videography.

Aerial photography services have used commercial drones to create excellent videos highlighting major amenities and offerings, including beachside massages, outdoor bars, pools, and other perks.

Drone videography can also assist prospective guests by helping them visualize what it would be like to stay in a hotel or any other accommodation. Let’s not forget that drones can be used indoors, too.

A still image of the hotel or another scenic location on the property captured by a drone is frequently featured on the homepage of sites.

Amateur and Professional Sporting Events

Both amateur and professional sporting events now use drone photography. Parents or other family members use drones to capture exciting films of their kids or relatives participating in outdoor sports like baseball and soccer at school sports events. If a player wishes to create an eye-catching highlight reel to attract colleges’ attention, a drone can capture the best shots unlike any other.

Drone photography services have been used in professional, live-broadcast events for years. For example, during a game, the event network is likely to switch shots from conventional cameras on the ground to drone cameras to keep fans engaged and provide the best views of the action in the field. In addition, drones give the networks exciting new perspectives that add value to sports programming.


The Real Estate Connection

Real estate agents now frequently employ drones to capture stunning images of listed properties on the market. Drone photography helps attract potential home buyers. Drone videos are beneficial when you want to emphasize the size of a property.

Drone images and videos are also used to create interactive tours of properties. These tours give prospective homeowners an idea of what it’s like to live in these houses. With COVID still a significant risk to those who travel frequently, drone photography gives home buyers the chance to explore as many homes as possible while reducing the risk of catching the virus.

Film, TV and Other Media Productions

Previously, films and television shows had to rely on helicopters to capture aerial shots. These big league productions required many staff members and a substantial budget. Drones can now capture the same high-quality images at a fraction of the cost and level of workforce previously needed.

Aerial photographers can use drones to give filmmakers greater creative freedom and assist directors in realizing their creative visions.

 Integrating Drone Photography and Videography For the First Time?

Here are some quick ideas for incorporating drone photography into your marketing efforts:

  •   Use your drone to get a bird’s eye view of an event. This effectively captures the entire experience in a way that 100% of people will adore.
  •   Experiment with live-streaming events with a drone. Some drones now come pre-packaged with live-streaming capabilities, allowing you to capture occasions from multiple angles. As a result, you can now create immersive videos that social media followers can watch at leisure.
  •   Additionally, live-streaming works well for displaying content on monitors to provide attendees with a more comprehensive experience.
  •   Demonstrate behind-the-scenes as you prepare for the event. For example, aerial photographs of a stage being built or production in progress can be an excellent way to make excitement before the event.
  •   Take close-up or aerial images for marketing materials for any upcoming events. Drone photography can enhance customer perception of events, allowing you to attract even more people next time.
  •   Include the drone in your performance. You can fly drones around and use them to assist event attendees in viewing other areas of the stage or venue, creating an immersive experience unlike any other.
  •   Provide a summary of the event with drone shots. For instance, a drone can be flown over the venue at a music festival to show multiple audience areas and stages simultaneously.
  •   Drone videography can also be used to demonstrate a sponsor’s participation in an event. For example, drone shots can illustrate the location of signage, sponsor booths, and public participation during an event. Drones are super helpful if you are not organizing the event but wish to create a sizzle reel highlighting your presence.

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