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Workzone Software; Is it Right for You?

Workzone project management software is perhaps one of the most iconic software for project management out there. The workzone was founded in the early 2000s by two close friends who decided they wanted to disrupt the landscape of project management software. They saw the huge gaping hole in the market where a decent project management software was needed and hence set out to fill this hole together and come up with a revolutionary software; Workzone!

In this post, we will be telling you everything you need to know about Workzone project management. This software allows you to manage your projects and work seamlessly. If you want to know more about workzone and its tools and much more, then keep reading because we will tell you about it all!

5 Key Features in Workzone

Budget Management 

The budget management aspect of Workzone software is perhaps one of its greatest features. The workzone which is a project tracking software allows you to keep track of your finances at all times. You are able to make a budget and then commit to it with the software and keep track of your spending as a business at all times. This feature is incredibly helpful and allows for a lot of ease to be infused into your day-to-day business. The feature helps you to navigate budgeting much more easily with the budgeting tips and features it provides you with which make the entire process so much easier!


The next feature in Workzone project management software we want to talk to you about is the templates feature. The feature gives you access to a number of templates that you can explore and check. Once you have seen all the templates, you can choose one which you think would be the right call for you. Once you choose a template, you are able to plan projects much more easily because the template essentially allows you and your team to add details of the project to an already robust template and go on from there. The feature is a lifesaver for anyone involved. And allows you to plan projects so much better than you would have been able to before.

Easy Collaboration 

The next feature on our list is the easy collaboration feature. This feature allows for team work to be made easier with this software which is a game-changer. This feature helps everyone on the team have access to the dashboard and the project plan. This allows people to upload their work on the software which their team members and colleagues can also view. Once you view these, your colleagues are also able to leave comments and make suggestions or give feedback in general. This makes collaborating on a project so much easier. Instead of having to individually update everyone on the team or having long winding meetings saying so, you are able to do this without any issues!

Simple Dashboard 

The dashboard feature in Workzone software is another one we want to tell you about. This feature helps you to make work so much more efficient and easier. The dashboard is very user-friendly so it can be accessed by anyone on the team and can be easily navigated by them too because of how simple it is to use. The feature really allows you to make it easier to switch from one feature on the software to the next. You can organize your Workzone tools the way you prefer to see them. All in all, this feature is very helpful!

Comment and Notes Feature

The comment and notes feature in Workzone project management software is another feature that is highly underrated and seldom talked about. This feature allows everyone on your team to leave comments and make notes which are relevant to the work uploaded by your colleagues. In essence, with this feature, you are able to make sure that everyone on the team is on the same page because the feature allows for team members to leave comments on work uploaded and hence provide notes and feedback. This makes working on a team a much more gratifying experience overall!

Workzone Pricing 

Now we come to another important aspect of this software; Workzone pricing. The software has an increasing price model. The base price for the software is $200 but this cost increases according to the features you want on this software. The features depend on what your needs are. You can pick and choose which features you think are worth the money!

Is Workzone Project Management Right for you?

Now we come to the final aspect of determining whether Workzone project management software is right for you. We suggest you start out by making an extensive list of all the features you would ideally want in your project management software. Once you have this list, we suggest you compare it to the features in Workzone software. If all or most of your needs are met then this software is a solid choice for you. Another tip we have is to request a Workzone demo or trial to see what the software is like for yourself. There is no replacement for first-hand experience with software and figuring out this is best done by experiencing a trial or demo Workzone to see whether it would fit your needs or not!

We suggest you read Workzone reviews for the software left by users and see whether the software is right for you. We are sure whatever conclusion you come to about the software will be the right call for you!

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