Zorb Balls- Walking on Water is No More a Challenge

Water zorbing is a truly enjoyable sport that is extremely popular and ideal for people of all ages, regardless of physical ability. It is just walking on the water’s surface. Without getting wet, one may sprint within, walk, or flip on the surface of the water. The majority of the activity takes place in public places such as marinas, pools, amusement parks, and even malls. Furthermore, this may be done on lakes, sea or ocean surfaces, or even at home if you have a pool.

The water ball, also known as the water walking ball, is an inflatable ball that makes it possible to walk on water. The sphere’s size might vary. It is usually 2 meters in diameter and has a zipper opening for easy access. The water ball differs from a standard zorb ball in that it contains only one layer of plastic. Rather than rolling down a hill, the water ball is specifically built for walking on water surfaces.

Types of Water Balls

You can use different types of balls for water zorbing. One is the traditional dual-layered Zorb Ball, which is also used for downhill rolling. Another option is a single-layer Water Ball made of PVC. The second one is solely intended for water walking. The fun is equal in both scenarios, however, the conventional Water Ball is more common in theme parks and pools because of its smaller size and lower cost.

Apart from these spherical balls, there is yet another method for walking on water. This second method employs the Zorbing Cylinder. The shape of the inflated cylinder is similar to that of the Zorb and is composed of two plastic layers. There is an air cushion in the middle of the water ball. Two individuals may easily fit inside and have fun rolling around on the water’s surface.

Difference Between Water Zorbing and Aqua Zorbing

Keep in mind that there is a qualitative difference between water-zorbing and aqua zorbing. These are two entirely different notions. The first relates to floating around on water inside the massive inflated ball. The latter refers to a sort of downhill zorbing in which water is poured into the inner sphere, allowing you to freely roll around within while the enormous ball goes down a slope. It means Aqua zorbing is a very different thing.

History of Water Balls

Water Walking is garnering attention worldwide. Water balls are fascinating. Since the 20th century, they have appeared in music videos and films. However, they were not made available for everyone. But, today you can see them at various locations like marinas, lakes, and swimming pools. They are a lot of fun for every age group. The first water walking balls were invented in the 1970s. However, Charles Blane Jones built the very first major commercial water ball in 1998. And it’s a wonderful thing he did to mankind. The reason being zorb balls are absolutely fun. Now, we can all walk on water in our own inflatable spheres. 

Facts About Water Balls


These inflatables are a lot of fun! But, how are they made? Are they safe? The majority of the balls are constructed of 0.7 mm PVC. Materials made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) are suitable to use in cold weather. Remember that if you decide to purchase a water ball. A ball weighs about 15 kg on average.

Inflation Time

Using an air pump, it can be pumped in less than 60 seconds. Once the ball has been inflated, you can walk or run through the water. However, it is recommended not to stay inside the water ball for longer periods because the air inside has limited availability. Any further delay might endanger your safety.


The walk-on water ball comfortably fits both youngsters and adults. Above everything, safety is valued. That is why children must be supervised at all times while water zorbing. A few of the water balls also have interior hand grips. Additionally, they are available in printed models.

Buy a Zorb Ball

If you want to get your own zorbing ball, you should be prepared to pay a high price for it. The manufacture of these massive inflatable balls requires a significant amount of labor and materials, and the price reflects this. Kameymall is an excellent spot to seek a zorb ball for you and your family. Mostly because they have rigorous standards about the quality of the things they offer. Also, strong return procedures in the event you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Water balls by Kameymall will undoubtedly be present in every adventure arena in the upcoming years.


There is no doubt that water zorbing is a growingly popular sport. You can attain higher speeds when walking on the water while confined inside a massive inflatable ball. So, water zorbing is a must-try for extreme sports fans or anyone who enjoys a good adrenaline rush.

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