3 Tips for Managing Your Dog’s Laundry

Dogs are cute, not until you notice a foul-smelling odor in your living space and deal with a lot of fur on your couch and floor. Bedding, dog clothes, mucky toys, and collars are a dog’s laundry that you must manage a few times a month. If you are too busy to manage your dog’s laundry, you can find a laundry pickup and delivery service that can help you with your dog’s laundry. 

But, if you have time on your hands and want to do the laundry yourself, here are three simple tips that can help you manage your dog’s laundry well.

Remove Pet Hair Before Washing

Your dog’s bed are filled with fur as they spend most of their time relaxing or sleeping on their bed. Use a lint roller to remove pet hair from the bedding and vacuum the remains. It is best to remove much hair from the bedding before placing it in the washer.

This is a crucial step because the pet fur can build up in the washer. The pet fur can transfer to your other wash loads, or worse; this can damage your washer. But, even when the wash label of the bedding says it is for handwashing only, you still have to remove the pet hair before washing it.

You do not like to deal with coupled wet furs. It makes it harder to wash the bedding.

Use Pet-Friendly Laundry Detergent

The things that your dog mostly uses, bedding, blanket, toy, and collar, must be washed weekly, so you do not have to deal with the foul smells. These dog essentials touch your dog’s skin frequently. Using a harsh laundry detergent on these things may cause skin irritation to your dog. Hence, it is important to use pet-friendly laundry detergent. 

However, dog toys are not all made of fabric. If your dog has rubber and plastic toys, you can wash them with dishwasher soap. You can soak them in white vinegar to sanitize your dog’s laundry.

Completely Dry Dog Laundry

Dogs want their toys and bedding back immediately. If they have separation anxiety with their belongings, it is best to have alternatives for their things. It gives you more time to dry their laundry completely.

Follow the instructions on the wash care label of your dog’s laundry. Some manufacturers do not recommend dryers. If this is the case, you can line or air dry their laundry in a well-ventilated area to prevent mold and mildew. 

You can also lay their bedding and blanket on a flat surface under the sun to ensure it eliminates the odor-causing bacteria left on the laundry.

Follow These Laundry Tips

Dog laundry is manageable, but more tedious than doing your laundry. It is a must to remove your pet’s hair before washing their laundry, whether by hand or in a washer; you do not want to ruin the washer at the laundry service, right? Follow these three tips to manage your dog’s laundry efficiently. 

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