5 Most Featured Games By Relax Gaming 

One of the most well-known online gaming studios is Relax Gaming. They have premium games in their library that not only have beautiful graphics but also have engaging gameplay. The developers strive for simplicity in business and technical excellence. Mostly known for experimenting, the studio has produced massive hits and there is no stopping them now. 

Just after a few years of operations, they have made their name as one of the best developers. They are setting a benchmark for other studios in the industry. However, they do collaborate with other studios to produce quality games. 

So check out our list of the 5 most featured games by this highly talented team. 

  1. Money Train 3 

Money Train 3 is the third version of the well-known game with the same name that came before, as you can probably already tell from the name. It came out very recently on 22nd September 2022. Building on the success of Money Train and Money Train 2, the game has great visuals and the gameplay is obviously good. With balanced gameplay and an exciting possibility of huge returns, the game is always fun. The game will appeal most to the fans of this already popular franchise. It has a high rating of 9.4 out of 10.

  1. Iron Bank 

The artwork for the game features wild animals, and the premise appears to be a bank heist, which is now popular, as we are all aware. This makes it one of the best games produced by Relax Gaming and users gave it a perfect score of 10/10. It has an RTP of 96.20% and you can try the game for free. So you can experience this highly-rated game. 

  1. Money Train 2

You may have guessed already as we mentioned before Money Train 2 is one of the most popular games. In fact, the popularity of Money Train 3 is due to how great this game is. Even if the next version of the game is available many people still prefer playing this one. This version came out in September 2020. Everything from its setting to its gameplay is amazing hence the score of 9.3 stars out of 10. If you want to try it yourself you can play money train 2 demo

  1. Banana Town 

Banana Town is a crazy and fun game which you can tell by its name itself. It released in July 2022. The game is one of the most successful games by its developers Relax Gaming. It has the aesthetics of arcade games and users gave it a rating of 8.3. The game appeals to most people and if you keep on getting bonuses then you can even get a free spin. It has a multiplier upgrade and all of these features make it a must-try. 

  1. Beast Mode

The game, which was published in February of this year, likewise has a rating of 10/10. Its numerous features, including expanding wilds, free spins, mystery symbols, multiplier ladders, and random mystery spins, are the key drivers of its appeal. The artwork has several beats, and the gameplay is distinctive. This brings us to the end of our list of the most popular games on relax gaming. So if you appreciate playing such games, we are sure that you will enjoy them.

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