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6 Interesting Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Influence Businesses

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already had a significant impact on businesses across multiple industries. As this type of software continues to evolve, it also continues to drive change and innovation in businesses of all sizes and types. Here are six interesting ways AI can influence businesses.

  1. Increased Personalization for Customer Communications

Traditional AI is not well-suited to more creative content or endeavors, such as product or marketing content development. However, new tools such as generative AI are changing this. Using generative AI, you can create basic content that can then be further developed, improved or built upon. You can also use it to generate personalized customer communications more quickly, including email responses and customer support answers. This provides sales associates, customer service team members and other customer-facing employees with more opportunities to focus on more detailed or complex work.

  1. More Support for Employees, Customers And Business Partners

Some people fear the rise of AI because of how advanced and diverse these tools are. People worry that AI will be capable of doing all the same jobs as human beings, which will sooner or later make their jobs obsolete. However, this is simply not true. Instead, the rise of AI means employees, customers and business partners can all expect a greater level of support. As AI tools take over more repetitive tasks that require less specialization and skill, employees and business partners are freed to focus more on complex, creative and detail-oriented projects that are more likely to generate profit. Customers can also expect a more streamlined, efficient and easily navigable customer experience.

  1. Improved Cybersecurity Coverage

AI is a highly effective cybersecurity tool because you can use its algorithms to perform multiple cybersecurity functions. AI tools can automatically scan your network, systems or software, search for security gaps, continuously monitor all aspects of your computing infrastructure and contain threats. AI is capable of learning from past encounters, which makes it more adaptable and maneuverable than traditional cybersecurity tools. AI technology can even automatically track security issues back through your system to their sources.

  1. More Informed And Intuitive Decision-making

AI technology can help you improve your business’s decision-making capabilities in many ways. You can invest in machine learning algorithms and deep learning programs to improve data analysis and support your business’s pattern recognition and data insight capabilities. You can also integrate AI apps into your existing software and computing infrastructure to better support sales and customer service representatives. These tools can automate research, fact-checking and decision-making processes such as consulting and answering customers’ questions.

  1. More Options for Streamlining Across All Aspects of Business

One of the main reasons businesses have implemented AI tools is for streamlining purposes. AI can greatly improve the efficiency, accuracy and agility of your workflows and supply chains. There are many streamlining AI tools available, so you can choose the ones that provide the most appropriate benefits for your business. Streamlining AI tools include program-guided robots and vehicles, inventory software, data collection and analysis tools, supply chain management tools, deep learning technology and robotic process automation programs.

  1. Reduced Costs for Operations And Workflows

Not only can AI influence the agility and computing infrastructure of a given business, but it can also reduce your business’s overall costs. The main cost reduction areas are operations and workflows. Because of how much AI can improve the efficiency of your workflows, it reduces the number of resources you need to spend on them, including manpower, time and energy. You may need to deal with relatively higher upfront expenses, but the long-term cost savings will likely make up for it.

If you already utilize AI in your business, then you may already know how it affects your business and what aspects of your business have benefited the most from it. However, as AI advances, you can continue to advance your business’s technology along with it to ensure you gain all the available benefits.

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