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Shoes And Self-Care: Understand The Connection Between Good Footwear & Health

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Just like the whole weight of our body is borne by our feet, the overall health of the body is also related to healthy feet. From morning walks, running to catch a bus, and standing in queues, to taking the stairs and workout sessions, an average person takes around 8000 steps every day. Yet, most of us take our feet and footwear for granted. Shoes take care of our feet in many ways. They provide comfort, support, protection and style. Hence having good footwear becomes a form of self-care. 

Understanding the Connection Between Good Shoes and Your Health

Proper footwear helps maintain good foot health, which in turn facilitates our overall health and fitness. And yet, most people use the same pair of sneakers for all sorts of different activities such as running, walking, sports, workout, etc. Wearing the right footwear can not only prevent several foot issues but also boost your style and confidence. In this section, we discuss why shoes, self-care and good health are related. 

Improved Posture

Good shoes distribute the weight of the entire body evenly across the feet by providing support for the arches and heels. Thus, they promote good posture. A poor posture due to ill-fitting footwear can lead to issues such as back pain, knee problems, neck pains and even headaches. 

Reduces Risk of Injury

Shoes not only cover your feet but also protect them from several external elements such as dirt, dust, debris, heat, cold and pointed objects that can harm your feet. Additionally, when you wear the right footwear, it reduces the risk of falling and tripping and thus prevents injuries, sprains and fractures. Thus, wearing proper footwear provides good arch support by giving ample cushioning to absorb shocks, thereby protecting the feet from impact when it touches the ground.

Prevents Foot Problems

Ill-fitting footwear not only causes discomfort but can also give rise to several other foot issues, such as blisters, bunions, corns and ingrown toenails. If not given immediate and proper care, all these problems can lead to further health issues and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. The proper footwear should fit snugly and should neither be too tight nor too loose. Therefore, it makes you feel comfortable and stylish and protects your feet from the problems mentioned above.

Enhanced Performance

Sportspersons or athletes need shoes that are specific to their sport or activity because they can help them play and perform better. As they also reduce the risk of injury, having the right footwear can not only boost good health but also improve performance which is essential for any athlete. Different footwear types are available for sports such as cricket, basketball, badminton, football, etc. So the next time when you feel proud of your favourite player’s performance, give some credit to his shoes too!

Improves Circulation

Ill-fitting shoes, especially tight footwear, can hamper proper blood flow to the feet and cause numbness and tingling. This can cause blood clots and circulatory problems, which can impact the movement ability in the long run. Suitable footwear promotes proper circulation of blood to all parts of the feet and thus keeps them healthy and fit. 

Boosts Mental Wellness

While the physical benefits of proper footwear are many, good shoes can also impact your mental health. Footwear that looks good and compliments your outfit can instantly make you feel happy and confident. Footwear that feels comfortable and serves the purpose enhances your mood and puts you in a comfy, self-care mode. When you feel good about yourself, it promotes a positive self-image. It tells your mind that you are worthy and beautiful. Such beliefs can do a lot for your overall well-being. Suitable footwear lets you travel, express your personality and make you feel better from the sole to the soul. 

Helps with Diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes need to be extra careful about foot infections, as ignoring ulcers, bunions, etc., can even lead to amputation. Good shoes can help them protect the feet and provide much-needed care and comfort. Additionally, wearing the proper footwear can also alleviate pain and other conditions such as Charcot foot, corns and blisters. 

Aid and Alignment

The correct footwear not only protects but also provides support, grip and traction to your feet. It can relieve and alleviate several foot problems and help you correct your gait and posture. Since everyone’s feet are different, shoes that fit perfectly can help in the correct alignment of your feet, knees, ankles, hips and back. Right-fitting footwear can avoid any foot development disorders.


On an average if we calculate the total steps taken by a person in their entire life it will approximately be five times the circumference of the Earth! And yet, with all the colours and designs of footwear available, most people forget about the connection between good shoes and good health. Therefore, the next time you buy shoes for men, make sure you choose men’s footwear that is designed for style, engineered for performance and built for your lifestyle. 


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