Absolutely ‘WOW’- The demand of Tejana hats is increasingly popular among us

The Tejana hat is a mandatory item for cowboys and cowgirls. It is a key style piece that completes the country look. The accessory can be what you need to give that final touch to a look to go to a rodeo, a country show, or even to work in the countryside, without worrying about the sun hitting your face. The cowboy hat can be of straw, canvas, felt, leather, in different colors and models. There is no shortage of options.

Country hat designs and color

The wide, upward curved brim is a very strong feature of the country hat. However, many people do not know that each Tejana hat model has a name, depending on the type of brim, creases, cup, etc. Among the most used types are the classic gambler, Gus and Nevada, which have the largest brim, and the favorites of those who like country style, cattleman and Bangor.

If you want to be a little more daring and escape the lighter colors of straw and other materials such as canvas, you can use strong colors too. As we know, light colors (cream, white, light brown, beige) hats keep the head cool, as they reflect the heat. On the other hand, dark colors hats, mainly black, is the worst at keeping heat in. Black felt cowboy hat is not suitable in extremely summer days. Indeed, black cowboy hat is darling of all and goes with every style.

To please all tastes and styles

The vintage headgear has several styles of hat to please all tastes. If you like country people and were looking for a cowboy accessory with bigger flaps to complete the look, we can help you.

Australian Hat

This model is made of felt and has a perfect fit! It is a more modern cowboy hat style and you can choose from black, beige or brown colors.

Arizona hat (black, brown or beige)

The Arizona model is also made of felt and has a perfect fit. It has unique details on the headband and top of the hat, making them look even more authentic and with personality.

Kansas Hat (black or brown)

Another unisex cowboy hat option that looks perfect on anyone. Kansas has a rope band – which guarantees even more style in the composition – and the option of tying around the neck.

Fedora Dark Velvet Hat (black or brown)

Still following the line of country style hats, the Fedora dark velvet was the biggest hit when siner Lima appeared wearing the accessory. It has a medium brim and a band with an exclusive detail. You can choose between black or brown color to give an extra charm to the look.

Straw cowboy hat is the best in summer

Those who love wearing cowboy hats, fall in love with leather and straw. Leather is a classic option. There are various colors available, so that you do not give up on style. Black or brown leather cowboy hats are darling. However, the primary purpose of wearing a cowboy hat is to protect your head, shoulder skin, and eyes from the Sun. In this sense, wearing a straw hat is better. It is a natural material, lightweight, and provides good ventilation.

Black cowboy hat and brown boots: Awesome

There are some etiquette regarding wearing a cowboy hat. Many users ask whether they could wear black cowboy hat with brown boots. Well, a pair of brown high-ankle boot is the perfect match with a black color cowboy hat. Black cowboy hat looks cool because the material is felt. We do not suggest wearing felt material in summer. Opt for pure leather or straw hats. Make sure the hat is pointy and faces forward to your head.

Should a cowboy hat touch your ears?

For the rule, a cowboy hat must be comfortable. By that, we mean it must not be too loose or too tight. It must stay perfect fit. Make sure the hat line stays above two inches of your eyebrows. It also should stay one to two inches above your ears. Premium quality hats have sweatband so that they does not move or fall. Most cowboy hats are turned upside down at the brim. Placing the hat upside down will prevent the brim from flattening and help it retain its original shape.


Like throwing on a pair of cowboy boots, wearing a cowboy hat is a great way to add a western flair to any outfit. Digging through all the options to find the best cowboy hats can be daunting. Despite the image you may have in mind, cowboy hats actually come in many different styles that are distinguished by details that you might not even notice.

There is something for everyone and every price point, from premium cowboy hats to worthy choices from legacy cowboy hat brands. So, what is your favorite? What are you waiting for to secure yours? If you want to look for other styles and models of hats, just access the online store.






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