Features of Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Service

Most of the time, it has been observed that domestic and commercial cleaning services are more or less the same. The procedures, tools, and techniques being used in such services are considered similar to each other. But in general, it is considered as a wrong perception. You must look in detail at the differences between both of them to understand the core functioning in detail.

Domestic Cleaning Services 

Housekeeping is another name for domestic cleaning that includes a team of many staff members involved in the process of house cleaning. In the domestic cleaning service, the cleaners have the responsibility of cleaning the whole house. It involves the cleaning from every corner of the house and the pattern of going from top to bottom in cleanliness. If you look at the trend of house cleaning, it is a very old practice, but it has gradually transformed into a complete profession. It involves many services like cleaning the floor, dusting the whole house, vacuuming the curtains and carpets, and cleaning the whole house in every way possible.  You can check out  Happy Home Cleaning Services to learn more about the various service options available.

Commercial Cleaning Services 

The services involved in the commercial cleaning services have a different approach than the above-mentioned domestic cleaning services. They do not cater the domestic cleaning needs but industrial cleaning services and business needs. This commercial cleaning provides services that include cleaning of buildings, office space, gyms, medical facility units, malls and shops, restaurants, schools and universities, and all public and governmental office units.

Elements that Differentiate Both Services

You must have come across an argument saying that both domestic and commercial cleaning services are the same. But that is not the case and to prove this, let us take into consideration some points which are explained below.

  • First of all, you need to focus on the names of these services. Such names are self-explanatory as domestic means cleaning the household while the commercial includes the office building cleaning and so on.
  • The area these cleaning services cover also varies according to the type of cleaning. The domestic cleaning services include a household or apartment which is small in size and shape. The commercial cleaning services include medical cleaning services, church cleaning services, and office building cleaning.
  • The domestic cleaners have other jobs than cleaning, like organizing the whole house, gardening, keeping an eye on the pets, and providing timely security to the house and its members. On the other hand, commercial cleaning services like Jan Pro OKC provide only one service: thorough cleaning of the places they are hired to clean. 
  • The whole process of cleaning the house is way different than any office space. In cleaning the house, you have to clean the floor, walls, dusting off the furniture, and so on. In industrial cleaning, the whole furniture has to be shifted, and then proper cleaning is done. It has to be done very carefully as everything has to be in their exact respective places. Such type of cleaning requires a proper company and timely training of their staff members.
  •  In most cases, you have to get professional carpet cleaning or grout cleaning services to get these germs out. On the other hand, owning an entrance mat can reduce this issue significantly. 
  • The number of the cleaning staff in domestic cleaning is more minor and depends on the size of the house. Usually, 5 to 8 members are enough to clean the house properly. On the contrary, commercial cleaning requires more staff depending on the size of the area. It typically requires 20 to 40 members to clean the office building space.
  • The cleaning devices and tools used in domestic cleaning are small and straightforward, while huge tools are used to clean commercial spaces.
  • The fees of household cleaning are less than commercial cleaning services due to less space as compared to office space units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on different features of domestic and commercial cleaning services.

1- What is the difference between commercial and domestic cleaning?

The domestic cleaning is highly dedicated to cleaning the household premises, including cleaning rooms, floors, and other household things. However, the cleaning of commercial includes the cleaning of offices, buildings, and retail units.

2- Why is commercial cleaning services are expensive than domestic?

The office space is more prominent in size than the domestic space. It includes more rooms and things to clean, that is why it is considered more expensive.

3- Is the cleaning service business making profits?

Yes, they are making huge profits because cleaning is in high demand at all times.

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