How To Make Your Teaching Methods More Effective?

As a teacher, one of the biggest challenges that you will face is to learn how to effectively transmit your knowledge. And this is something that might cost a few years of experience, before your find the right approach for your students. Also, consider that not all your students would be the same, and sometimes you’ll have to combine or use different teaching techniques than you usually do. This is one of the top qualities you need to be a good teacher.

To improve your qualities as a teacher we will share in this blog the main practices that will help you to create an effective teaching method. Choose the method you think will work better for your students and yourself, and do not despair. This is all about trial and error and finding out which techniques will work better for some themes, students, etc. is a matter of patience.


Nowadays, it seems like kids come attached to a cell phone or computer, and they know exactly how to dive into the network. Use something that they enjoy to your advantage. Visual and interactive experiences can reinforce the knowledge easily while having fun. There are apps, internet pages, videogames, etc. that can provide this experience that will make them more interested in the topic and truly absorb the knowledge that you’re sharing with them.

A good way to know if this method will work out would be by asking your students if they would like this type of activity. We can bet that most of them will be more than happy to do it.

Audio-visual & musical aid

Do you know what is interesting about musical trends and movies? That they respond to a socio-historical context, therefore, it’s an outstanding way to teach history or any type of social movement. Also, there are movies on any topic that you can imagine, and they can be a helpful resource to illustrate and show to your students any theme that you want.

After watching any video, movie, or listening to music, make them analyze what they saw or hear and make them link the current topic that you’re teaching them with the material you have just shown.

Case study

Real-life case studies are a good way to make your students use their critical thinking. A case study is an engaging tool to open the discussion with the students, know their opinions and make them use their imagination and knowledge to find a solution to the problem you’re presenting. The type of case study can vary depending on the age of your students, and you should always consider this factor first, before presenting a case.

The open discussion that will take place in your classroom will be an outstanding way for your students to learn how to deal with different opinions and to argue a point.


This learning experience is a good way to make your students empathize with some situations and help them to ground theoretical scenarios in real life. Decision-making capabilities would be improved by using this method in your classroom too. You can use real-life or hypothetical scenarios for the role play. One of the most important things about this teaching strategy is that, depending on the case, the students will be exposed to thinking and experiencing scenarios outside of their lives.

Role-plays are a useful practice to make students understand situations from an opposite point of view.

Last words

It doesn’t matter which different careers in education you have chosen, you’ll have to interact with students and make sure that your teaching methods are good for your students to learn instead of memorizing the information you’re giving. Using methods that put theory into practice is a must to ensure that your students will apply the fresh knowledge to solve problems or analyze situations. So, these are some of the best practices that you can use in your classroom, now choose your favorites ones and apply them.

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