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Shala Darpan: Rajasthan Integrated Online Educational Website

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With the ease with which students, parents, and instructors can now access information and resources in the age of technology, the education sector has achieved significant strides. The operation and interaction of educational institutions have been completely transformed by one project in India, which stands out as a trailblazing effort. That endeavor is called Shala Darpan.

What is Shala Darpan?

The Rajasthan state government launched Shala Darpan in the 2015 budgetary year. It was started on 5th of June in the year 2015. With the goal of assisting in bringing digitalization to the education sector. The platform makes it simple to manage all of the school’s information such as,

  • It allows users to monitor their daily performance. They can utilize the platform to verify their attendance, assignments, or any other significant announcements or accomplishments at school.
  • The portal and NMMS have been connected by the state of Rajasthan. By the academic meeting in 2015, the service hopes to provide assistance to youth.
  • Additionally, It gives parents access to information about their children’s development at public schools. The information concerning government schools is all provided on the Shala Darpan’s website.
  • It is possible for parents to view their child’s academic and attendance records. You may quickly access a number of services and events in the website, including login credentials, secret codes, and important data on schools, teachers, staff needs, etc.
  • To put it simply, it might be challenging for modern families when both parents may be employed to give their children a particular amount of attention and to regularly check on their schoolwork.
  • Due to their hectic schedules, they could find themselves not being able to keep an eye on their children as frequently as they would prefer to. The parents had access to all the information they could possibly need on their kids thanks to the platform.
  • In this approach, parents may access data pertaining to their kids’ academic progress from wherever. As a result, a stronger system of accountability and information sharing will be made available.


What does Shala Darpan do?

To give parents information about all of the schools, the Shala Darpan webpage has been launched. All parents can access a variety of information about schools from the comfort of their homes via this link. Parental visits to the school through this gateway are no longer necessary. Through the Shala Darpan’s Rajasthan portal, transparency would be introduced into the system and time would be saved.


What Benefits May Shala Darpan Offer Students?

Students can view interesting and instructive video lectures from classes 1 through 12 to master any topics in their curriculum through Shala Darpan’s website. Additionally, it will aid each student in catching up on any missed assignments or other syllabus material.


Shala Darpan Login Process

  • The first thing you need to do is visit the Shala Darpan Rajasthan’s official website:- https://rajshaladarpan.nic.in/
  • There is a login option that you must select at the very top of the Shala Darpan’s page.
  • When you tap on it, a fresh page will appear in front of view.
  • You’ll see a login screen on the newly opened page, where you’ll need to enter the captcha code, password, and username.
  • You must select the Login option after correctly entering all the required information.
  • The Portal will successfully log you in when you click the login button, which will cause a new page to load in front of you.


Shala Darpan Features

  1. Teachers can effortlessly track and record student attendance electronically with Shala Darpan.
  2. Parents can see their child’s attendance records, accountability is improved and absence is decreased.
  3. It provides a centralized database of student data that includes information on things like admissions history, attendance, academic achievement, and medical records.
  4. Through the rapid completion of administrative activities, this website feature aids schools in maintaining correct and current student records.
  5. Between educational institutions, parents, and students, it acts as a communication link.
  6. Schools are able to use the site to deliver vital notices, circulars, and announcements to parents and students.
  7. By facilitating effective communication, this feature makes sure that all interested parties are kept up to date on crucial information on school events, activities, and updates.
  8. Teachers can record and examine student performance using the platform, including grades, evaluations, and marks.
  9. By enabling prompt intervention and individualized learning strategies, this feature offers educators and parents insightful information.


Advantages Of Shala Darpan

  • You can benefit from a number of benefits through utilizing the Shala Darpan’s user interface that provides you access to a plethora of information about your child’s school.
  • Images with a variety of parental and kid data can be uploaded to the portal.
  • You can now view any school employee’s details from the convenience of your home.
  • The webpage contains a wealth of information about the employees.
  • The location has led to improvements in education and higher degrees of education.
  • The website increases and saves the time of the Rajasthani people. Using online tools, people can complete a variety of jobs, such as acquiring all kinds of crucial data.


Shala Darpan’s Format for Download Display Process

  • Prior to anything else, you must visit the Shala Darpan’s official website.
  • Your current screen will now display the Shala Darpan’s home page.
  • You must click the menu link on the homepage to access it.
  • Following that, you’ll see the complete list of forms of Shala Darpan’s displayed to you.
  • According to your needs, download the appropriate form from this list.


What Makes Shala Darpan So Effective?

  • In addition to interactive learning modules and textbooks, Shala Darpan also provides a variety of digital resources. By giving students access to a wide variety of educational content whenever and wherever they want, this feature improves the learning experience.
  • By offering an online application system, the platform makes the admissions process simpler. Applying for their child’s entrance, providing the required paperwork, and monitoring the status of their application are all simple processes for parents.
  • It enables educational institutions to produce thorough reports and performance evaluations of pupils, groups, and general academic development. With the aid of this data-driven methodology, teachers may pinpoint areas for development, put into practice productive pedagogical techniques, and monitor students’ general progress.


Shala Darpan’s App Installation Process

  • You must first launch the Play Store from Google on your smartphone in order for you to obtain the Shala Darpan’s smartphone application.
  • Click on the search bar on the Play Store’s homepage after you have navigated.
  • You must now do a search by entering “Shala Darpan” into the search box.
  • You must select the first application you see in the list that appears when you search, which includes a number of different options.
  • The application will download to your phone and be installed as soon as you hit the install button.


How Can I Access The Student Report After Asking For The Student Report?

Requesting that the relevant institution confirm the credentials is the first step in gaining access to the student Shala Darpan’s report. Sign in to the portal after you’ve been verified and select the student report selection.


Shala Darpan’s Services

Through this, you can access a number of services including the

  • Citizen Window,
  • School Report
  • Staff Report
  • Programme Search
  • Apprenticeship
  • Employee Corner,
  • Prayas 2020
  • Staff Window and more.

Recognize the school’s NIC-SD ID, be familiar with the staff’s qualifications, sign up for the staff login, and so forth. The Rajasthan Shala Darpan public site allows state beneficiaries who are interested in learning more to quickly access all the information they need about education and public schools online through the website.


Can I Use My Phone To Access The Shala Darpan Portal?

Yes, Chrome is compatible with accessing the web portal. You also download it’s mobile application by following the above method that are mention on this article.



The Indian educational landscape has undergone tremendous change as a result of Shala Darpan, becoming more productive and linking the surroundings. The platform user-friendly design and functionality, such as student information management, tracking of attendance, monitoring of performance, and online admissions, have successfully streamlined administrative operations and allowed effective communication.

The most recent enhancements, which include an application for smartphones, online learning tools, online fee payments, & parental tracking, have enhanced Shala Darpan’s usefulness & accessibility even more. It is an priceless instrument encourages openness, effectiveness, and collaboration in the educational setting, inspiring pupils and fostering academic success. Hence, it is a great platform and one should make good use of it for academic benefits.

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