How to Promote Your Rental Properties on Instagram

If you’re looking to upgrade your rental marketing campaign, Instagram might be your avenue. 

With over one billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms for businesses and individuals alike.

You’ll also find many real estate influencers, investors, and renters on the platform. Due to its visual content and networking capabilities, Instagram is an ideal place to seek your target renters and advertise your properties.

Here are seven steps to promoting your rental properties on Instagram.

  1. Make a Business Account

When setting up your Instagram account, be sure to choose a business account—not a personal one. A business account gives you access to free analytics and insights, including follower demographics and the most active times for your audience.

Don’t forget to add your contact information, a bio, a picture or logo, and a link to your profile page. Instagram only allows one clickable link in your bio, so use it wisely to guide your tenants to your landing page.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience

Next, identify your target audience, or the group you’re aiming to engage with your posts. Your target audience could include potential renters, real estate professionals, or other landlords.

One way to pinpoint your target audience is to find out who already follows you on your other social media accounts. Scan your follower lists and try to engage these viewers. You should also promote your new Instagram account on other accounts (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) where you’ve already built a large following. The same followers might be interested in following your new account.

  1. Create a Visual Aesthetic

Instagram is all about great visuals and branding. High-quality photos of your properties are a must. Over time, assembling a block of photos and graphics with the same colors and aesthetics will help establish an attractive brand for your rental business.

Don’t forget to add engaging captions to your posts to narrate content, ask questions, and encourage comments.

You can also use your Instagram story for everyday, conversational content.

  1. Schedule Posts

If you use a variety of social networks or simply want to focus on other responsibilities, consider using a social media management tool like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sprout Social. These tools allow you to schedule posts in advance or even fully automate content sharing.

If you don’t use a management tool, choose a day or multiple days a week and post on them consistently. Post at the same time each day, preferably a time you know your audience will be listening based on metrics and analytics.

  1. Set Goals and Monitor Their Progress

Your Instagram business account gives you access to many metrics. Once you’ve started observing them, set a few relevant, attainable goals and work toward completing them. 

Some metrics to track include follower growth, demographics, engagement (likes and comments), click-through rate, and conversion rate. The last two are especially important as they tell you what percentage of your audience is following through to your landing page.

  1. Actively Engage

Instagram works best when you engage with your followers. This means answering direct messages, replying to comments, and liking content from other people in the industry.

For instance, use your Instagram account to advertise resident events and engage with current tenants. Prospective renters browsing your content will see your comment history and note your friendly interactions with your tenants.

  1. Integrate Your Account

Finally, don’t forget to integrate your new Instagram account with your other digital assets. Add a link to your Instagram page on your website, marketing content, or blogs.

You can also use your business account to connect with Facebook and generate followers between both. For maximum consistency, integrate with your property management app (if it’s supported) alongside your other social media accounts.

Make Instagram Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Instagram can make a world of difference in your social media strategy. The platform’s wide reach and visual appeal will draw many potential renters your way. By targeting your ideal tenants, posting regular and visually appealing content, and actively engaging with your followers, you can use Instagram to generate leads and promote your business.

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