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How to write a good essay

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Essays, like other types of written work, have their traditions of writing. They vary by assignment or institution but are more or less the same in structure and writing methodology.

An essay is a short paper. It is more of an “extended” letter to a friend like Sir Chesterfield wrote to his son. An essay is three to seven pages of computer-generated text. At Harvard Business School, for example, essays are often written in just two pages.

The main thing in writing an essay is to highlight and show what were the goals, plan, methods, and techniques of the solution, and, undoubtedly, the result of the work done. This work is more complicated than it seems at first glance. Every other student faces difficulties in choosing the topic or structure of a writing assignment. Fortunately, each of us has the opportunity to ask for help. Do not hesitate to turn to specialized do my research paper services to get professional help. This way, you can get your paper without stress.

An analysis of the reasons for the prerequisites, and the reasons for successful and unsuccessful solutions is an important element of the essay. It is the comprehension of the factor model and technology of decision making and the connection with the concrete result that is the main purpose of essay writing.

It is necessary to set the emphasis in your writing correctly. One of the first emphases is to state your reasons for writing the essay. Why is this topic interesting to you and should be interesting to the reader?

The next emphasis can be short-term and long-term plans related to the development of the essay topic. Particular attention should be paid to the advantages and disadvantages of the topic. Who will be ready to solve the task and what qualities should a person possess to achieve the goal stated in the essay?

These questions can be rearranged in almost any order.

The essay is based on the uniqueness of the author’s personality. The essay is strictly an individual work and does not tolerate co-authorship. The author of the essay can always be recognized by the style, dynamics, and originality of the idea.

How to write an essay according to the plan?

The essay plans to break down into fragments (parts of the text) and mentally highlight the main stages of the path your thought will take. Each such fragment is a micro text, which may be equal to one paragraph or may consist of several. Each micro text will correspond to one paragraph in the plan.


  • Do not deviate from the topic.
  • Write clearly according to the plan.
  • Write in a way that does not repeat others.
  • Less speculation, more facts, and concrete examples.
  • Be sincere in your thoughts.
  • “Sleep through” your essay at least one night, then a good result will be born.
  • Don’t be afraid to correct what you’ve written.

Before writing your essay, answer the questions:

  • How and why did this idea come to you;
  • Who needs this idea;
  • What negative influences of the outside world did you face;
  • How did you solve these problems and find supporters of the idea (or where to find them);

What is the special value and appeal of the idea?

Language and artistic means of the essay is the part of the assignment worth talking about in more detail: Supporting your opinion with facts from life, books, movies, and even biographies of famous personalities can be a great argument and give the essay a semantic value.

If you go to achieve success, you will wonder how to write an essay well. As a rule, essays have a small amount of text. You should not forget about it, because if you were writing a thesis or dissertation, you would be wrong about the section. With essays, it is the case that you do not need to write more than 5 pages, albeit in large handwriting. About 10 sentences in the introduction, about 20 in the main body, and 5 in the conclusion would be enough.

Don’t you think that’s enough? This brings us to another criterion.

Subjectivity and simplicity

Even your complicated thoughts can be expressed clearly and understandably. An essay is not a scholarly article, but your view of an issue, further structured for the general public. Everything in this paper should be subjective and concise. We understand that you don’t want to do your homework at all when it’s beautiful weather outside or you’re just tired. In that case, we can confidently recommend you to look for an essay writing service reddit to entrust the assignment to the best writer.

Make the most of it and try to avoid common mistakes.

  • Bad test. Reread your text and make sure there are no ambiguous expressions, spelling errors, unfortunate turns, etc.
  • Lack of detail and tedious prefaces. Very often an interesting essay loses to one that is reduced to listing statements without illustrating them with examples. Make sure that your work is supported by logical arguments.
  • Since the essay is limited in the number of words, you need to manage the volume of the text competently. It is important to learn how to write briefly, but still, be able to reveal the main idea as much as possible.
  • Long sentences. Try to avoid too long sentences. Your essay should be easy to read. Try reading the essay you have written to double-check yourself. If necessary, edit your written work.
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