Moviesda: Get the Latest Tamil Movies of 2021


Moviesda has one of the most extensive collections when it comes to South Indian films. They have an array of Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies as well as some Tamil dubbed international films.

The website sources download links from different third-party websites and assemble all of them on their website in an organized manner. This indicates that one cannot stream any movie on this website, they can only watch it after they have downloaded it.

How to Download Films on Moviesda?

Moviesda is quite different from other websites that deal with pirated content. Instead of tabs or categories, it has a folder-like system that has even more folders upon clicking on one. For example, upon clicking on the folder “Tamil 2012 Movies”, you will be taken to a page with more similar folders, each consisting of a movie.

When you click on any one of those movie folders, you will be given even more folders with different video qualities. Finally, after you select the movie quality, you will receive access to the downloadable movie file.

Sometimes, you will get the choice to either download the complete movie or download parts of it. This is beneficial if you will be downloading and watching movies on your smartphone as it takes up way less memory space. You can download one part, watch it, delete it, and then download another. Here is how you can download movies:

Step 1: On the landing page, search for the movie you want to download or click on any of the movies from the latest movie updates. If you want to sift through movies of a particular year, you can do so by scrolling down and selecting the appropriate folder,

Step 2: Once you click on a movie name, you will again receive several folders. Click on the folder with the video quality you want. Look out for words like ‘Single Part’ and ‘Multiple Parts’ in the folder name to check whether you can download the full movie or parts of it.

Step 3: After clicking on the folder, you will generally get two files. One with ‘sample’ written at the end of the file name and one with just the movie name. Click on the latter one.

Step 4: You will then see different sections. Under Video information, you will find ‘Download Server 1’ and ‘Download Server 2’. Click on either of them and wait, you will be redirected to another website.

Step 5: You might have to go through reCAPTCHA verification, depending on the third-party website. Clear the verification and wait for the download link to appear. The website usually makes you wait for 10 to 15 seconds before giving you access to the link.

Step 6: Click on the download link and the file will automatically start downloading on your device.

While websites like Moviesda are providing a free and effective way to keep people entertained, these movies are illegally pirated and anyone watching these can be convicted for committing copyright infringement. This is why you must proceed with caution and always use a VPN while downloading content from such websites to protect your identity and location.


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