Need To Know About The Beautyforever U Part Wig & V Part Wig

In this age of rapid development, most of our time is filled with different things. For many things, we don’t have much time to spend on them, like hairstyles. We have to spend a lot of energy on it before going out in the morning to create a perfect and beautiful hairstyle. To address this problem, Beautyforeverr has recently launched two wigs, a V-part wig and a U-part wig, which are very easy to install and can help save you time and effort.

To help you better understand the two wigs, here is a short guide to help you understand the commonalities and differences between the two wigs in the following material.

What is a U Part wig?

A u part wig has a u-shaped opening at the top of the wig so it blends in well with your natural hair. The U-shaped opening is for your natural hair to melt into the wig, to achieve the natural hairline you crave. The wig cap comes with adjustable straps, combs, and clips to help you secure the wig. So you don’t have to worry about it slipping down or coming off.

What is a V Part Wig?

A v part wig is a type of wig that has a V-shaped opening at the top of the wig. The opening shape is the biggest difference between U-part wigs and V-part wigs. The V-part wig is a modification of the U-part wig, and it is also very popular.

The Commons Between V Part Wigs and U Part Wigs

Actually, both of them have many similarities in many ways, we will introduce the common ones between V part wigs and U part wigs.

  1. Materials

Both are made from 100% human hair, which means you can restyle them into any hairstyle you like, such as straightening, curling, bleaching, and dyeing. They will not shed or tangle. And they are soft to the touch and bouncy. Both v part human hair wig and u part human hair wig is the highest quality hair products.

  1. Hair color

The two wigs are natural black so they can blend in with your own hair more naturally. But, if you like colored hair, of course, you can try dyeing it. If you’re not sure if you can dye it perfectly, going to a salon is also a good option.

  1. Wig caps

The caps are made by machine, which is durable and breathable. You won’t feel uncomfortable after putting them on. And there are clips and combs inside the wig cap to help you fix your wig. You don’t need to use glue on your hairline, which is good news for glue-allergic girls with sensitive skin.

  1. Installation

Because they are the open and close type of wigs, you can put them on and use the combs inside the cap to fix them. There is no need to wear a stocking cap or sew the hair to your own hair. And there is no lace, so you don’t need to cut the lace and spray glue to fix it around the edge of your hairline.

Three minutes is enough for you to finish installing it. So it is extremely easy and beginner-friendly.

  1. Helpful for hair growth

With a u-part wig or v-part wig, you can easily take it off before going to bed. You don’t need to use it at night, which gives your scalp time to breathe and relax. Also, because the wig can cover your entire head, no glue or hairspray will be applied to your own hair. This will help protect your natural hair.

The Differences Between V Part Wigs and U Part Wigs

  1. The shape of the piece

In the first part, we have introduced V-part wigs and U-part wigs, from which we can know that they have different shapes on top.

  1. Leave out

If you wear a U-part wig cap, you will have to do more omissions than if you wear a V-part wig. With a T-part wig, you can leave just a few strands of hair or none at all. It will still be natural. But u-part wigs leave more room for you, so you have to leave more of your own hair to let it out. You need more hair to cover the edges of the weft to make it more natural and seamless.

  1. Cut the band

If you compare the two wigs, you will find that there is a band or two bands on the top of the U part wigs, and you need to cut them off before wearing, while the T part does not have.


You will find that U-part wigs are very similar to V-part wigs according to this blog. While there are some differences between them. You can decide which one to choose. If you think that leaving more of your own hair can make the hair look more natural, you can wear a U-part wig; If you want a more convenient wig, then a V-part hair wig is a good option. Another tip for you: if you have thinner and more fragile hair, a T-part wig will be more suitable for you.

Beautyforever Hair offers V-part wigs and U-part wigs for you, you can buy the wigs according to your preferences.

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