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Secret Tips for Healthy and Shiny Hair 

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Are you in the middle of another bad hair day? Bad hair days happen to everyone, but with our tips you can keep your crown looking healthy and shiny for good!

Everyone has days where their hair feels dry, limp or frizzy. While the look and feel of your hair is partly based on genetics, there are lots of other factors that determine the health of your hair including your hair care routine, the weather, and your environment. 

We’ve created this guide filled with secret tips for healthy, shiny and full hair. Follow these actionable tips to keep bad hair at bay for good! 

Tips for Healthy Hair 

  • Use the right products 

You can’t have healthy hair if you don’t build the proper hair care routine. In order to enjoy healthy hair, you’ll need to buy the proper hair care products. Inexpensive products contain parabens and sulfates that can damage your hair and leave it feeling dull and lifeless. 

Trust in the hair care experts at Capillus! They offer a number of products that will help you achieve your healthiest hair. Their clinical hair therapy products use only the best ingredients designed to help you achieve the healthy hair of your dreams. They even offer a fantastic guarantee – you’ll achieve better hair or get your money back! 

If you want to save on your next Capillus purchase, just shop with a coupon code. Take care of your hair with a Capillus coupon and save money while doing it! 

  • Avoid using heat 

One of the easiest ways to damage your hair is to use too much heat or heat styling products. Over time, heat styling can damage hair and cause split ends and other hair problems. As much as possible, you should always try to wear a natural style that you can achieve without relying on thermal styling.

If you must heat style your hair, be sure to apply a heat protectant oil or spray beforehand. This creates a barrier around the hair follicles, protecting them from damage. If you must use heat to style your hair, don’t keep your styling tool in contact with your hair for too long. 

  • Wear hair sunscreen

Did you know that the sun can damage your hair over time just like it does with your skin? Sun damage can cause discoloration to your hair and cause it to feel brittle and dry over time. All types of hair can be damaged by the sun, no matter what color or style you have. 

The best ways to protect your hair from sun damage is to wear a hat, use an umbrella and pick the right conditioner. If you plan to spend lots of time in the sun, you can even purchase a hair spray with SPF for extra protection. 

  • Use the right brush

If you have long hair, avoid using a flat hair brush. These types of brushes can lead to hair breakage and split ends over time. Use a wide-toothed comb or a boar-bristle brush instead and avoid brushing your hair while wet. This will help prevent your fragile wet hair from breaking as you brush it. 

  • Use conditioner correctly 

While conditioner is important for healthy hair, you need to use it correctly. The way you use your conditioner will depend on the type of hair you have. Make sure you only condition the tips of your hair if you suffer from dry hair. Otherwise, you’ll weigh down your hair and leave it feeling lifeless.

If you have oily hair, you might want to consider skipping the conditioner all together or use it only once a week.

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