Textbook: The Glasses Encyclopaedia

I’ve been wearing glasses for about five years now. I was blessed with perfect vision and didn’t need to wear glasses for the first eighteen years of my life, but as soon as I got my driver’s license and started driving, my eyesight started getting worse and worse. At first it was just a little blurry in the evenings when I drove home from work at night, but eventually it got so bad that I had to give up on driving altogether. Without being able to drive or see anything well without glasses, the only thing left for me to do was buy myself a pair of eyeglasses! That’s exactly what happened!

 Initially, I went online and searched Google for “eyeglasses”. The search results showed me many different websites where you could buy cheap discount prescription eyeglasses online. I wore my fashionable glasses for about a month before I realized that they weren’t helping my vision at all. It was true, the lenses were very thick, and the arm of my glasses were so long that they kept falling off whenever I turned my head. It was really difficult to walk around with those glasses on. The other problem I had with them is they got dirty really easily! After only a few weeks of wearing them, I decided to go back online and search for “eyeglasses cleaning”.

 After reading many articles on eyeglasses cleaning, I came across an article which talked about the best way to clean your eyeglasses without damaging them or putting any scratches on the lenses. This article taught me not only about how to avoid scratches when cleaning your glasses but also how to properly care for your glasses so you don’t have any problems as time goes by with them. One of the most important tips from this article is never use regular household glass cleaners or soap products when cleaning your prescription eyewear! If you do this you could hurt your eyesight or damage something inside the lens! You should instead use a specially designed product called “Lens Cleaning Solution”, which can be purchased at most pharmacies as well as online in places like Amazon and eBay (just search for it).

 I bought some lens solution from Walmart after reading that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or abrasive ingredients which could scratch up my lenses if used incorrectly. It’s very important to use this solution as directed, and be sure to check the directions on the bottle. This is what I’ve been using for years, and it has worked perfectly!

 Now that you know how you should clean your glasses and why cleaning them is super important, let’s talk about why they are so important in the first place. I’m sure everyone knows that glasses make things look blurry until they’re worn on your face. What many people don’t understand is exactly how eyesight works…how our vision is created by light hitting our eyes from objects in front of us or when we look at something straight ahead or down below us. The lens inside our eye focuses light onto a special part of our retina called the fovea which creates a clear image of what we’re seeing in front of us. That’s how our sight works!

 Glasses correct for those who have too much or too little refractive power (or “hyperopia” and “myopia” which are fancy words for long-sightedness and short-sightedness). When looking through your lenses you’ll notice everything will appear slightly more blurry than usual unless everything appears normal again once you start wearing them every day as you get used to having them on all the time.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

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