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The 4 Best PDF Editor Apps

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PDFs are the easiest, most convenient way to share documents with many different people across multiple platforms. The format is accessible to anyone with a web browser and requires no special software or programs to view. This universality is what has made PDFs the preferred document format for everything from academic papers, official government documents, and legal forms. When the time comes to change a PDF, however, users need more than a simple PDF viewer. PDF editing software is available everywhere, but with so many choices it’s difficult to choose the best one. Here is a list of the best online PDF editors from around the web. 

The Best PDF Editor Apps 

These SODAPDF editors vary in features, price, and capabilities, but they are also suitable for every day and experienced users of the format. Many of these online PDF editors are available for free but some also require registration or charge a small fee for use of premium features. 


PDFElement is a long-standing name in the PDF editing market. It is known for its wealth of editing features like OCR text recognition, fillable form creation, and synchronization with file storage platforms. The program has cross-compatibility with both Android, Windows, and macOS and is also available for download for offline use compress pdf

Users can register for free to access the program’s basic features like viewing, annotating, and editing. But they can also purchase the downloadable version that comes loaded with more expansive tools like conversion of different files, PDF compression, and PDF security features. With the premium version, users can also organize their PDF files or merge them with other forms. 


SmallPDF is a free PDF editor that features many premium tools like PDF conversion, compression, and OCR text recognition. The program also offers many security features so users can secure their most private and confidential information. SmallPDF also removes any converted or merged PDF documents from its servers in hours so clients’ private data remains secure. The program is also compatible with all major operating systems like Windows, Android, and macOS.

Users can add the program to their browser as an extension to get instant PDF viewing and editing features whenever they open a file on their browser. The program is available for free for individuals and organizations, but more advanced features – like customer support and unlimited usage – are available for a monthly or yearly subscription. 

Adobe Acrobat 

Adobe Acrobat is the most famous name associated with PDFs. The company created the format and subsequently created the first PDF editing software to go along with it. The company’s software remains the first choice for frequent users of the format but many of its most popular features are available for free as well. 

Users can access Adobe’s tools online for free, including the merging, splitting, and organizing features. They can also compress or convert their PDFs by using Adobe’s browser-based programs. The premium software, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and DC go much further. They offer editing tools that can change a document’s layout, create new PDFs like fillable forms and store an unlimited amount of files on the company’s cloud-based storage platform. 

Lumin PDF 

Lumin PDF is an online PDF editor that is also available as a free download so users can safely and securely work offline. The program allows registered users free access to its most popular tools like viewing, editing, and commenting on PDF files. Lumin can also let users work on the same file in real-time thanks to its syncing capabilities with cloud-storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Lumin is largely free to use, but premium subscribers have access to other important features like conversion and compression. With a premium account, users also have an unlimited amount of conversions and can merge, split and organize several different files as many times as they like. There are also security features like digital signatures, passwords, and watermarks that users can enable for their most confidential documents. 

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