Top Gun: Maverick Honest Review

After almost 36 years, a new Top Gun movie is here as Top Gun: Maverick. Tom Cruise aced the original Top Gun, and he delivers again. The original Top Gun and a young Tom Cruise was a treat to watch for almost everyone.

I did not know what to expect from this movie because I loved the real Top Gun movie, and I was unsure if it could live up to the expectations. But this film only took ten minutes to deliver a message that you were in for a treat. Let’s start with the review.

Tom Cruise delivered a famous dialogue from the original Top Gun movie, “I feel the need, the need for speed.” After watching Top Gun: Maverick, you can say that he still feels this need, this need for speed.

What to expect from the movie?

Top Gun: Maverick can be predictable at times, but it does not get boring. The non-stop action and Tom Cruise’s obsession with attention to detail make this movie a treat to watch. It hits you with nostalgia as soon as the movie starts.

Story Review

Top Gun: Maverick does not offer something extraordinary in terms of the story. As I mentioned earlier, it is predictable. You can spot all twists in the storyline from a long distance. The characters in this movie are the archetype.

This movie uses an age-old storyline and characters.

  • A battered veteran,
  • Prodigal son,
  • One underdog,

and ‘forbidden’ romance. However, Top Gun: Maverick uses all these characters and elements very well. The movie combines all these elements smartly so that it doesn’t look dated. It is like sipping an old wine but from a new bottle. The storyline is more about comeback and redemption. Joseph Kosinski(Director of this movie) manages to keep the feel of Top Gun alive. Tom Cruise also manages to keep the charm and stubbornness of his character alive.

Better than the Top Gun?

In a sense, yes. I can not say that the new Top Gun was superior, but tying the loose ends of the story that started almost 35 years ago is not an easy task. You can easily relate to Tom Cruise’s character in this movie. The audience will love it.

However, Tom Cruise outshines other cast performances. Other cast members did an adequate job too, but the performance of the supporting cast was better in the original movie.

What about the USP?

Overall this movie is a treat, but if you want to know about the best bits, they are,

  • Visual extravaganza,
  • Top cinematography,
  • Stunning aerial sequences,
  • Real action(Very less CGI)

In terms of action, this movie surpasses the original one very easily. I have not seen this much class in the aerial and fight scenes for a long time. You will get goosebumps, not once, but multiple times.

If you want to know why this movie is such a big deal, you might want to see the original Top Gun first. You can watch it on Youtube by paying a minimum charge. You can also see it for free on different websites and applications. You might want to follow this trustworthy list of websites that provide you with free streaming options so that you do not end up installing malware on your device. Because nowadays, free streams are easier to find, not to trust. After watching the first Top Gun, you can feel the hype behind this movie.

Final Verdict

Tom Cruise was a screen icon for a long time. However, for the last decade, superhero movies and their characters have taken that spot. But Tom Cruise’s this can change that for sure. If you have seen the first Top Gun movie, you should go to see this movie. If you have not seen the original Top Gun you can still go and enjoy this classic movie which offers realistic action, OG fighting scenes, and a cinematography treat.

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