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The Most In-Demand IT Certifications in 2022

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Computer science is one of the professional areas with the highest employability rate according to statistics. So much so that several university careers belonging to this area have a 0% unemployment rate. Because of these favorable data, if this is a field of knowledge that interests you, you will like to know which are the most demanded IT certifications in 2022.

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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is one of the careers that offers its students the best chances of finding employment once they have completed their studies. It lasts four years and once completed you can access a good number of positions to work in areas such as application development, programming, or even Artificial Intelligence.

Higher Cycle of Web Applications Development

Is there any doubt that applications are at their peak? Today, becoming an app developer or programmer will open many doors in an expanding market. And it’s as easy as taking an advanced vocational training course. While a beginner can earn around 38,000 dollars a year, a senior profile can earn up to 86,000 dollars a year. Do you need more reasons?

Big Data

In a context in which data is acquiring a fundamental role in the heart of any business, the Big Data profile is essential to be able to structure and operate with all that huge amount of data. The Big Data training certification has the advantage of allowing IT students to access a job in any sector, so the range of options is much wider.

Web Analyst

Web analysts are dedicated to interpreting the effects of actions carried out in the digital environment, i.e., how certain implemented actions affect user behavior. At a time when e-commerce is living its golden age, web analysts can do a lot for any company. If you want to specialize in a part of IT with a lot of future projections, there is no doubt that this is an excellent idea.

Cybersecurity and risk management

Are you interested in the world of Internet security? Then getting a certification in Cybersecurity and risk management will be one of the best career decisions you have ever made. Internet security is a discipline that concerns all companies today, who need professionals to help protect their information from attacks by third parties. And that’s where you come in.

Project Management

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is, without a doubt, one of the most demanded in 2022. At this point, there are countless master’s degrees and preparation courses available that will provide you with the skills and competencies to develop professionally in this field. Although it is an arduous training, the salary you will receive will more than compensate for the effort.

Solutions architect

Finally, we have to talk about another of the most in-demand IT certifications in 2022: the solutions architect. What does this professional do? It can be summarized as an all-around expert oriented to solving the needs of customers in terms of software, hardware, and other infrastructures.

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