Best Microphone Mods

What Are the Best Microphone Mods of 2022?

Microphones are an essential part of every studio. Whether you have a home studio or a professional studio, you need good vocal recorders to capture the sound you want. There are many different types of microphones of varying quality levels. 

Unfortunately, many people don’t have the money to buy multiple microphones that can cover all of their needs. Professional studios have up to dozen vocal microphones in their arsenal. On top of that, they also have microphones for electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, and other equipment. 

So instead of banging your head up against the wall and looking for new microphones that will fit your needs, consider using microphone mods – they are cheaper and can change your recording process. 

  1. Custom microphone mods

Every studio wants to have a wide variety of equipment. One of the best ways to get unique microphones with different features and capabilities is to get them modified. Luckily, there are a lot of shops that modify microphones and get something new out of them. 

For example, RockScience mic mods have a rich option of MXL 990 microphone mods and transformer-coupled and transformerless mod versions. These shops can modify your existing microphones – an excellent choice if you have multiple microphones of the same model. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have anything you would like to change, these providers also have pre-made microphone mods. Many cheap microphones have a single weak point that affects their quality. These professionals know how to recognize these weaknesses and upgrade them with premium parts that make the unit sound like a professionally built brand. 

For example, you will significantly improve if you replace the capsule and the circuit with premium components. These electrical components are not expensive but are yearly enhanced, meaning you will revive your old device and make it sound fresh. 

  1. Modeling microphones

Modeling microphones are not the most affordable option, but this feature is a good choice for those who don’t have the budget to expand their microphone arsenal. These virtual mic plugins are great for people who record music in their home studios. 

Studio owners are lucky to have multiple microphones specialized for different things. However, even though they have an impressive collection, it can be very annoying to change numerous devices before the recording to see which mic model better suits the vocalist’s tone.

Luckily, people invented modeling microphones. This fantastic tool can emulate many different microphone models and brands. For example, a modeling mic can help you avoid physically swapping different mic models when needed. 

Instead, you can just virtually change the mics sound and tone to fit the person’s vocal by using specially created plugins inside the digital audio workstation (DAW). That means you can access high-quality microphone mods and features using a virtual program that copies the sound. 

  1. Use a vocal effect pedal

As you probably already know, bassists and guitarists are typically obsessed with effect pedals. However, effect pedals are not reserved only for instruments. There are also vocal effect pedals that expand the voice range, correct the pitch, add reverb, and make you sound like you own the most popular and quality mic brands. 

Instead of buying different mics and having backup singers to create the double or triple harmony on the stage effectively, you can just use the features of the vocal pedal. Vocal pedals are universal, and they can fit almost any singing style. 

Whether you want to use it for on-stage singing or you just want to improve the in-studio recording sessions with multiple effects, there are vocal pedals that are designed to mimic any effect you can imagine. 

  1. Use a pop filter

Pop filters are often overlooked in the music industry. However, pop filters are usually handy when recording vocals on a condenser microphone. They serve for fine-tuning the quality of the sound and vocals. 

These microphones stand attachments can reduce the effects of so-called explosive consonants, mostly known as “plosives” in the musician’s vocabulary. Vocal plosives are typically a diction problem that many vocalists take years to learn to pronounce correctly. 

The bigger problem is that no mic can suppress plosives’ popping or spike effects. Luckily, there’s a solution to improve your mic with a pop filter feature. Pop filters serve to prevent spikes and distortion in the input level.

Even better, if you pay for an expensive mic mode or just want to protect your studio microphones from moisture and saliva that can damage the mic’s membrane and capsule, the best thing is to have a quality pop filter for your mics. 

It’ll improve your recording sessions, and you won’t have to replace or repair your microphone arsenal often. 


These are the best modes you can choose to give your microphone a fresh sound. Carefully consider all these options and their prices. It’s a good idea to bring something new into your sound because music is a creative art form that lets you awaken different emotions in listeners. You don’t need the best and most expensive music gear to produce something memorable.

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