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What Chemicals Are Used In Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets are an integral part of your home décor. Depending on the occasion and the material, carpets can be of various types. So, you will get countless options when it comes to carpets. But just buying and putting it to use is not the end of your responsibility. You have to take care of the carpets in the proper way to avoid ruining and unnecessary tearing. However, once again, there is an obstacle. You cannot clean all carpets in the same way. Based on the carpet type, you have to use different carpet cleaning methods.

Steam cleaning, dry cleaning, vacuum cleaning are some of the most sought carpet cleaning methods. However, there are some chemicals used in carpet cleaning. You can get them from the market or hire a Local carpet cleaner.  However, if you don’t know about carpet cleaning chemicals, we will brief you about them.


Smells coming from carpets are not a new thing. And one can easily tackle the carpet odour. For carpet odour removal, Odoban is one of the most effective chemicals. It will remove the carpet odour to leave a pleasant fragrance. The chemical substance is effective for both domestic and commercial purposes. Therefore, you can get them from your local market and follow the instructions to get the desired result. However, if the smell is strong, you can seek help from your Best carpet cleaning company. Odoban is effective in vegetable odour, damp smell, vomit smell, and food rotten smell. But the cleaning procedure is simple. All you have to do is spread the chemical over the carpet and let it rest for a while. After that, clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. But, make sure to run a patch test before applying the chemical.


After using the carpet for a while, you can feel some stickiness within the fibres. If you spill oily materials over the carpet, the carpet will accumulate dirt and pollutants to make it dirtier. However, you can clean the carpet using Citafresh. People prefer this chemical as a heavily stained carpet cleaning remedy. And the best part of the cleaning regent is that it leaves the fragrance of orange. Furthermore, there is no such restriction for using the chemical, as it goes well with all types of carpets. So, get it from your local vendor and put it to use. But, no matter how satisfactory cleaning the Chemical does, make sure to wash and dry the carpet thoroughly before using. 

Grease Release Spotter

Another popular grease cleaning chemical is Grease Release Spotter. The chemical works wonderfully on any kind of grease and oil patch. Whenever you find a spot on your carpet, pour it over the carpet spot to let it rest for a few minutes. After that, carpet the area and wash with cold water. And your carpet is ready to use. However, don’t forget to dry it thoroughly before putting it to use. It is cost-effective as well as takes a little time to clean the carpets. So, if you want to keep your carpets neat and clean, Grease Release Spotter is the ultimate choice for you. Due to its extraordinary effect, carpet steam cleaning use the chemical for both residential and commercial uses.

Sensation Carpet Spotter

Stains are the most disgusting thing over any carpet. However, Sensation Carpet Spotter is available to clean your heavily stained carpets effortlessly as this carpet stain removal chemical is suitable for stubborn stains. So, you don’t have to worry about the wine-stained carpets. The harsh less chemical will clean the carpet without ruining the original texture. So, keep the chemical in your stock and use it whenever you need to clean stains from your carpets. If you need commercial carpet cleaning, you can use it too.

These are some of the most popular chemical solutions for deep carpet cleaning. So, if you need to clean the carpets at home, you can store them at home to use in emergencies. But, it will be more effective if you follow the carpet manufacturer’s instructions to avoid unwanted carpet damages. You can also seek assistance from your local carpet cleaning service provider. The expert can assess your carpet condition better than you.

Apart from these items, there are some local carpet cleaning solutions available in the market. Those may work on your carpets too. If you use anything else to clean your carpets, share them with us. We will add them in our “What Chemicals Are Used In Carpet Cleaning?” 

However, if you have no confidence in these cleaning chemicals, then getting your carpet cleaned with the help of professionals is always an option. We have a team of expert carpet cleaners who can clean carpet even without these chemicals. 

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