Amanda Aldridge

Amanda Aldridge: Bio, Age, Life and Career of British Opera Singer

Amanda Aldridge a person who has indeed done a great job to tell the art of music at the time, when women did not get the chance to shine all over the world. So keep on reading as knowing about this personality is worth watching…

Amanda Aldridge Biography

Amanda Aldridge is a late British opera singer and teacher. She is known for composition of love songs, suites, sambas, and light orchestral. Amanda was born on 10 March 1866 in Upper Norwood, London. She died on 9 March 1956 at the age of 89 years old.

10 March made her zodiac sign Pisces. Her nationality was British – English. Amanda was born in African-American ethnicity and she did follow Christian religion. Amanda came from pure white ethnicity.

Amanda Aldridge Height, Weight and Physical Stats

  • Amanda Aldridge Age:- 89 years old 
  • Amanda Aldridge’s Height: 5 feet and 4 inches
  • Amanda Aldridge’s Weight: 65 kg
  • Body Measurements: 36-26-38 inches
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Tattoos: No
  • Smoke: No
  • Drink: Yes

Amanda Aldridge’s Education

Amanda did her education from the Royal College of Music in London. She did get her basic schooling from London only. As a child, she did live a very rich life thanks to her parents and did get good education.

From the very young age, she did make sure that her contribution would be in the world of singing. And hence, she did learn voice under Jenny Lind and George Henschel. Frederick Bridge and Francis Edward Gladstone are her counterpoints.

Amanda Aldridge’s Early Life

Amanda did live a very rich life in London. As a child, she did face racism also but not to the level other people from black race were facing in Europe. As a child, she did like to have pizza a lot which was kind of a luxury back then. Amanda did also like to be in a car with her father a lot. Most of her childhood had sweet memories with siblings and she did have a great relationship with them.

Amanda Aldridge’s Parents and Siblings

Ira Aldridge was the father of Amanda Aldridge. Her father Ira is one of the famous American-born British actor, playwright, and theatre managers. Amanda Brandt was her mother. All three of them are not in this world. Luranah Aldridge and Ira Daniel Aldridge are her siblings and both are also not in this world.

Amanda’s father Ira married twice in his life. Once with Amanda von Brandt (1865–1867) and Margaret Gill (m. 1825–1864). All of his family used to very famous and well-known. Her family was one of the few African-American’s who were doing great in life.

Amanda Aldridge’s Husband and Children

Amanda did not share any updates about her children and husband with public. This is why the internet does not know about it.

Amanda Aldridge’s Professional Career

Amanda started to work as a concert singer, piano accompanist, and voice teacher after completing her studies. However her throat did not give her the support and hence, Amanda did stop concert appearances. But before this incident, she did sing almost thirty songs from 1907 to 1925.

She was famous for her romantic parlour style. Over the years, she did work with so many legendry singers of that time. Not just that even her students like Roland Hayes, Lawrence Benjamin Brown, Marian Anderson and Paul Robeson managed to make a great impact. They did carry her legacy froward very well.

And it took her the age of 88 to make debut on television in the British show Music For You. However, she did pass away on 9 March 1956. It was just a day before her 90th birthday. Despite African race people were facing huge problems back then, she did manage to have a great career.

She did write an article for Oxford Dictionary of National Biograph. But she became even famous in modern times when Google did honored with a Doodle. This made people research a lot about her and which style she used to sing. Many do still listen her songs and it shows the kind of fame she has still.

Amanda Social Media  

Amanda died at the age of 89 on 9 March 1956 in London, United Kingdom. Back then, there was no social media. But some of fans still share something about her here and there.

Amanda Aldridge’s Net Worth

Amanda Aldridge net worth was USD 1 million when she passed away. Well, her father was rich and she did carry the legacy of him very well and it did make her earn good sums. Amanda did live the life of a rich kid and she did die with good sums too.

Amanda Aldridge’s FAQ

Q Why is Amanda Aldridge important?

She is important for her contribution in making many legendry singers and making an impact in the singing world with her beautiful voice.

Q How long did Amanda Aldridge live?

She did live 89 years and 363 days as she did pass away on 9 March 1956. It was a day before her 90th birthday.

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