Famous fights on a Cricket Field

Viewers have seen numerous sad incidents just on cricket pitches throughout the years. Sometimes, jokes have turned into sledding and then worse. Cricket players work hard to achieve the highest level of skills, but sometimes emotions overpower them. It’s not a pretty sight for the such world to behold when they get into heated fights with the other players. Sometimes, tempers just on a cricket pitch even come dangerously close to blowing up. In the game’s history, there have been several well-known cricket match fights.

Cricket is a gentleman’s sport, as well as the players, have always been urged to abide by the rules & keep any battles off the field. But eventually, while competing for their nations, some athletes wear their emotions on their buttons and wind up having resentful conversations. Nobody likes to lose at all costs, therefore sometimes, the fervent participants have gone too far in the process. In this article, we attempt to uncover a number of the most explosive cricketing moments in which two players almost engaged in a brawl in full view of the globe.

You look at some of the tensest situations in cricket history when two players almost engaged in a brawl in front of the entire globe.

  1. Kamran Akmal with Ishant Sharma.

Pakistan and India have the strongest rivalry throughout cricket, and whenever the two countries face off, it’s not just a cricket match. The two countries played a T20 encounter in Bengaluru in 2012 on Christmas Day. Kamran Akmal & Ishant Sharma reached their breaking point and nearly knocked one another out amid both the 22 yards.

The other participants, the two judges, and themselves attempted to protect one another since things might have been much worse. They stood front to front opposing each other, giving the audience the impression that they were watching a heavyweight boxing match. Fortunately, the two recognized that their behavior wasn’t beneficial to either side & they cooled down, allowing the game to resume.

  1. Mustafizur Rahman & MS Dhoni (2015)

In the whole stadium during a game, MS Dhoni is often the most composed spectator. Nothing bothered the Indian captain; it appeared as if he had been practicing meditation while playing cricket. However, not even the most placid person might get annoyed by certain things from time to time. In that particular game, Mustafizur Rahman, a rookie for Bangladesh, was observed obstructing an Indian batsman who was in the midst of a run.

It infuriated Dhoni, who decided to act independently. While approaching the crease, it appeared that Dhoni purposefully shoved Mustafizur aside. Due to their collisions with one another, both players received penalties from the match official. Rahman received a 50percentage punishment, compared to Dhoni’s 75percent of the match expenses.

  1. James Anderson and Michael Clarke In 2013

Australia was within minutes away from winning the first Ashes Tests at Brisbane. James Anderson, the final batter, entered the batting order, and George Bailey, the leg-side fielder, was immediately in his ears. When Anderson sought to discuss it with the stand-in umpire, they were not having any of it.

The Australian captain Clarke became irate after seeing the Englishman flash Bailey a hit. Australia eventually won the game, but Clarke was fined 20 percent of the match costs after the game.

  1. Aamir Sohail & Venkatesh Prasad

Venkatesh Prasad from India & Aamir Sohail from Pakistan got into a memorable altercation during the 1996 world Cricket quarterfinals. Sohail had batted well and appeared to be leading Pakistan to a historic victory. After running against Prasad’s boundaries, he then abruptly got swept away.

Prasad was instantly given the go-ahead to both remain silent and retrieve the ball from the boundary rope. When Sohail’s off-stump was knocked into the ground, Prasad would respond with a retort of his own before directing him towards the pavilion.


  1. Virat Kohli & Gautam Gambhir in 2014 

IPL Things are about to get hot as one gets to the top 5. The following two players are two Indians who have previously played together for Delhi and the India squad. During an IPL game, the 2 aggressive Delhi natives Virat Kohli & Gautam Gambhir got into a nasty altercation.

Virat was removed by Gambhir’s Bengal Knight Riders, and they sent the Royal Challengers Bengaluru batsman out with a send-off that did not please him in the slightest. He instantly approached Gambhir and publicly vented his rage there. Gambhir wasn’t giving up either, and before the umpires as well as other players rapidly stepped in, the pair exchanged angry words in midst of the argument.

  1. S Sreesanth & Harbhajan Singh in the 2008 IPL

In the IPL’s inaugural season, 2 Indian people got into a nasty fight. The players of both two teams were seen shaking hands just after the game after Kings XI Punjab has beaten Mumbai Indians. The Indian colleague Sreesanth received an unexpected smack from Mumbai captain Harbhajan, who was upset about the defeat.

Nobody anticipated this to happen, so everyone was left lying on the ground in shock. While his colleagues sought to comfort him, Sreesanth could be seen crying. Inappropriately slapping Sreesanth following the game resulted in Harbhajan’s suspension for the remainder of the IPL season.

  1. Sydney 2008: Harbhajan & Symonds

Number 3 just on the list is the infamous “monkey gate” issue, possibly among the most contentious conflicts in cricket history. A crucial partnership with India during their first innings was formed by Sachin Tendulkar & Harbhajan Singh. Before the Aussies chose to sled Harbhajan but were still paying the bowlers.

Even before Australians alleged that now the Indian had called Symonds a “monkey,” Andrew Symonds & Harbhajan were teasing one other. After the game, the 2 players proceeded to court, in which the judge ruled that Symonds’ racial remark by an Australian seemed to have no solid supporting evidence.

  1. Kiran More & Javed Miandad Cup of 1992

The craziest event of them all had Javed Miandad leaping while trying to mimic Kiran More. The wicketkeeper was unduly appealing & hopping while appealing, another Pakistani batsman complained to the umpire.

The second time, Miandad made his ground, stared at More, began leaping, and produced a momentous development in the annals of the World Cup. The Pakistani batsman must have been paying attention to the difficult-to-reach aim. In the first World Cup match between both the two bitter rivals, Miandad was forced to leave as More & India triumphed.

  1. Shahid Afridi as well as Gautam Gambhir 2007

Well, even though their event occurred 13 years ago, guys are still making fun of one another. For a split second, two flamboyant players Shahid Afridi & Gautam Gambhir forgot they are playing a cricket game. The two met when Gambhir was clutching a fast single, and they were hell-bent on punching one other.

Midway through the game, Afridi struck Gambhir’s helmet with his shoulder while requesting an LBW call. Then Gambhir repositioned his helmet before facing Afridi. The two exchanged insults in Hindi & Urdu as they showed no signs of giving up. The audience recognized the tension that existed between them and began to applaud as they began to yell at one another.

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