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Fire Pit Covers Can Extend the Life of Your Firepit – Here’s How

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There are some amenities and appliances that instantly boost the quality of value of your property. They include – outdoor kitchens, pool terraces, gym areas, and other recreational amenities. However, adding these features to your property requires considerable investments. Unlike these items, firepits are low-cost installations that can instantly boost the value and quality of properties.

Many home designers and developers recommend the installation of firepits to make properties more appealing. Firepits are cheap, easy to use, and help homeowners create warm and cozy backyard spaces. Plus, with high-quality covers, homeowners can make their firepits last for long durations. Are firepits super-durable items? No.

Firepits, just like most outdoor items, can suffer from rust, weather damage, pest-related damages, and general deterioration due to aging. Thankfully, homeowners can use tried-and-tested methods to protect their coveted backyard firepits. One of them is using durable fire pit covers. Here’s how homeowners should use these covers to maximize the lifespans of their firepits.

The General Rules of Using and Maintaining Firepits

Firepits are simple tools. Maintaining them is equally simple. All you need is a top-quality fabric cover. Before buying these covers, homeowners must know the following rules of using and maintaining firepits –

  • When Firepits are Not in Use: The structural components and the burners of firepits face various environmental threats when they’re not in use. Covers protect these components from wind, moisture, and sunlight damage. Users must always cover their firepits when they’re not in use.
  • Dealing with Oxidation Risks: Many structural components in modern-day firepits are made of metals. These metals oxidize upon long-term exposure to moisture. A rusted firepit can cause several health issues and complications for the owners. The best way to defeat this risk is by covering the firepits with covers made of water-resistant materials. Covers made of water-resistant materials like vinyl don’t let the metal components come in contact with moisture particles. They also prevent dampness coming from humidity, fog, or rain.
  • Pest Infestations: Contrary to popular belief, pests love firepits. Many pests are attracted to light and heat. Some pests (e.g., termites and carpenter ants) are attracted to the firewood being used in and around the firepits. Either way – preventing them from creating breeding spots inside the firepits should be every homeowner’s priority. Covers made from strong, durable fabrics don’t allow insects or small animals to enter or breed inside the firepits.

How to Buy and Install Covers for Your Firepits?

Make sure the material of your firepit cover suits your local weather conditions. For example, in rainy climates, using fabric covers with ventilation openings is the best option. These covers prevent the accumulation of moisture inside the firepits. Similarly, in super-sunny climates, using covers that are fade and UV-resistant is very important.

Vinyl and polyester covers are thick and water-resistant enough to offer these features. Also, make sure the cover’s shape and size match your firepit. Before installing your cover, clean the firepit by removing all debris (burned remnants of wood, leaves, ash, etc.). Make sure the firepit is fully clean and dry before you install the cover over it.

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