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Top 3 Ways to Decorate Your Table with Runners

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If you want to give your home a new look, you need to change your dining room decorations. Table runners are one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your dining room. If you want to enhance the seasonal look of your dining table or make the dining table the focal point of attraction for any upcoming occasion, you need to use the table runners. Table runners are long pieces of cloth that can serve for both functional and decoration purposes. Table runners are undoubtedly the best table decorations you can implement. Table runners come in different shapes, colors, patterns, and designs. Therefore, choosing the perfect one will undoubtedly help you improve the feel and ambiance of the dining table. 

You will have plenty of options while purchasing the table runners, but make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the process. You don’t need to follow any specific rule while decorating your table runners. However, make sure you showcase your creativity while decorating your table with table runners. Here are the top 3 ways you can decorate your table with runners. 

Lengthwise Placement of Long Table Runners

Traditionally, people prefer placing the table runners lengthwise in the center of the table so that some portion of the table runner can hang from the edges. While choosing table runners, make sure you know the dimension of your dining table so that you can purchase table runners that are long enough. This way, you can ensure that the table runners would hand from the edges. Additionally, choose colors, patterns, and designs for the table runners to compliment your dining table, home decoration, and furniture items. 

If you want to follow the traditional placement of the table runners, consider placing them strategically so that they would cover one-third of the tabletop. If you have a rectangular dining table, you’re more than welcome to try other looks. 

Short Table Runners

People use the extended table runners for formal occasions or promotional events. Unlike the long table runners, you can use the short table runners for casual parties or get-togethers. The short table runners will have the same impact as the long table runners. But you will have an adequate surface on the dining table that will help you show off the beauty of your dining table. As per Valley of Geysers, the dining room promotes healthy eating habits. While purchasing short table runners, make sure you choose something shorter than your table’s size. If you’re planning to use candles for decoration purposes, the short table runners will help you a lot as they will catch the wax. 

Widthwise Placement of Short Table Runners

One of the best arrangements for short table runners is by placing them widthwise across the surface of your table. Consider placing each runner against the seat for each other. If your home has a long dining table, putting the short table runners widthwise will work as the divider for each attendee. While implementing this excellent table setting, you can avoid using tablemats. 


These are the top 3 great ways you should remember to decorate your table with runners. If you want high-quality and attractive table runners, make sure you contact us. 

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