Molle Shotgun

What is Molle Shotgun Shell Holder?

When you’re on the field, you need to carry ammunition, so you can quickly reload your shotgun. A Molle shotgun shell holder is a great option for this. It is designed to attach to your MOLLE backpack and holds up to 25 shotshells. These pouches are made of lightweight nylon and have MOLLE straps on the back. The pouches are also compatible with MOLLE gear.

When it comes to shotgun shell holders, the Medesion Tactical MOLLE 15 Round Shotgun Shell Holder is the most practical and durable. This pouch is designed to fit on any MOLLE-compatible vest and has three compartments that each store up to 15 shotgun shells. The molle flap can be adjusted to fit the size of your shotgun. The Velcro closure on the top and elastic loops on the inside make the holder comfortable to wear when you’re on the range. A 12 gauge shell holder is also a good option.

The Tactical Molle shotgun shell holder is made with ballistic nylon and is MOLLE-compatible. It holds up to 18 shotgun rounds and is made to be comfortable for range use. It features two straps that adjust to your desired length and has hook and loop closures on the inside. The pouch is also waterproof and features an adjustable flap for quick shell retrieval. There are no tamper-proof buckles on this molle-compatible holster, and the Tactical MOLLE-compatible pouch can even be easily detached from your plate carrier.

A MOLLE shotgun shell holder is the perfect solution for keeping your shotgun ammunition organized. These holder pouches come in three different sizes. The most versatile is the Tactical Molle shotgun shell holster. It can hold up to 18 shots with ease. These pouches can be worn under your armor with a belt or with a chest rig. The Tactical Molle shotgun shell holder is also lightweight and comfortable for range use.

The Tactical Molle shotgun shell holder is a great choice for tactical trainers. Its design makes it easy to carry and is space-compatible. It is made from 500 denier Cordura nylon and features three separate compartments for your shotgun ammunition. The Tactical Molle Shotgun Shell Holder is a versatile tool for any type of shooter. And a MOLLE-compatible pouch is essential for a shooter who wants to be prepared for anything.

The Tactical MolLE shotgun shell holder is made of 500 denier Cordura nylon. It is lightweight and durable, with two MOLLE straps and a Velcro attachment strap. A Tactical MolLE shotgun shell holster is designed to hold eighteen rounds of shotgun ammunition comfortably. It is an ideal accessory for MOLLE-compatible shooters on the battlefield.

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